How To Make Banana Ice Cream In A Blender

How To Make Banana Ice Cream In A Blender - Bill Lentis Media


Not everyone has an ice cream maker, but everyone loves ice cream! When it is a hot summer day, and there is a strong craving for ice cream, why not make it at home? It might come as a surprise, but to make banana ice cream, people don’t need a maker but a blender.

Recipe #1 For Making Banana Ice Cream In A Blender

To make a delicious banana and peanut butter ice cream and that too in a blender, take 3 large riped bananas and cut them into small chunks. Put the chunks in the freezer, until they become solid; it will take about 1-2 hours. After they have frozen, put them in a blender, and blend until they give a smooth and creamy texture.

Add 3 tbsps of natural peanut butter in the blender, ¼ tsp vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon and sea salt as per taste. Press pulse in the blender, and mix everything properly. Serve right away, after topping it with peanut butter and crushed roasted peanuts.

Recipe #2 For Making Banana Ice Cream In A Blender

There are multiple flavors that people can try making in a blender, by mixing them with bananas. The key to making a banana ice cream is to freeze the banana beforehand, after cutting it into chunks. For making a chocolate banana ice cream, use 3 frozen banana chunks, add ¼ tsp pure vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. To give it the best chocolaty taste, add 3 tbsps of cocoa powder.

Similarly, for cookies’n cream, and banana ice cream, add 2 tbsp coconut butter in the original banana ice cream recipe. After blending the two ingredients properly, add an Oreo crushed cookie.

For those who like mint chocolate chip and banana ice cream, they can use 2 frozen bananas, and add 1/8 tsp of pure peppermint extract. Store the chocolate chips after both ingredients have been blended.

Can You Refreeze Banana Ice Cream?

If someone isn’t ready to eat banana ice cream as soon as the make them, then it can be transferred to a freezer-safe container. However, once it is taken out of the freezer again, let it thaw for a while before serving it. Also go and check out the how to make apple juice with a blender – click resources.

How Long Is Banana Ice Cream Good For?

A banana ice cream is good for at least a week. It should be kept in an airtight container, in the freezer. However, it is best to make the ice cream when someone wants to eat it, instead of putting it in the freezer for a long time.

Why Did My Frozen Bananas Turn Brown?

If the frozen bananas have turned brown, then that means they were not put in an airtight container. As they were exposed to the air in the freezer, they became brown. If someone wants bananas to last for a long time, then they should freeze them, but make sure they are not exposed at all. Also, peel bananas before freezing them, or it will become difficult to freeze them afterwards.