How To Filter Juice From Blender

How To Filter Juice From Blender
Every season has its own fruit, and while some are eaten without juicing, others are blended in smoothies. However, not every fruit that is blended in a blender, would just contain juice. It might be pulpy and has to be filtered out. There are several ways of filtering out juice from a blender.

Method To Filter Juice From A Blender

The first method to filter juice from a blender, is by using a strainer. A strainer is a simple, non electric device, which has holes punched in it, or has crossed wires. It is used for filtering out the pulp of fruit juice, into smooth and clear liquid. Strainer is the top choice for filtering out the juice from a blender, because it is inexpensive, and most people already have it in their house.

Method #2 To Filter Juice From Blender

Sieve or a mesh strainer can be used to filter juice from a blender. It is a device, which separates unwanted materials from wanted particles. However, this device is commonly used for filtering flour or wheat, but can be used for filtering the juice from a blender.

Coffee Filter Or Paper Towel

The two other ways of filtering juice from blender is through a coffee filter, nut milk bag or a paper towel. However, as the pulp is heavy, and these filtration devices are light, it might not be the most effective way of filtering juice.

How Do You Blend Fruit Juice?

To blend any fruit juice, follow the simple steps below:
• Wash the fruit
• Peel it
• Cut it into small pieces, and place it in the blender
• Blend until the desired consistency is reached
• Filter the juice
• Serve with garnishing

What Is Better Juicing Or Blending?

There is one major difference between juicing and blending, and that is the material left. With juicing, all essential materials like fiber are removed, and just juice is left. When fruits are blended, then the user gets everything; the pup and the fiber, which could be really beneficial.

Can You Juice Without A Juicer?

If someone doesn’t have a juicer in their home, then they can use a blender to juice fruits. If they don’t want the pulp in the juice, then they can use a finer mesh strainer, and the juice will have a light consistency. Also go and check out the how many watts does a blender need to make smoothies – check that.

What Fruits Can You Blend?

There are several fruits or even fruit seeds that people can blend. For example, they can blend bananas, mango, berries, avocado, peaches, strawberries and much more. However, not every fruit can be blended with another, because that would ruin the taste. For example, blending banana with mango would make the milkshake heavy, and the taste would be too much for the consumer. Acidic fruits should not be mixed with each other either. For example, grapefruits and strawberries don’t go well together, or apples and peaches. Apples and peaches are sub acidic fruits, and their combination with pomegranate or with each other, would be a bad idea.