How To Engage People On Social Media – Ask Questions?

How To Engage People On Social Media - Ask Questions? -

What Is Social Media?

Have you ever wondered why does social media is known as social media? Never. Let us help you in getting the answer. Because it helps people in engaging with each other and ensuring communication. Right? So how can you create engagement on this social media platform? The best answer to this question is by asking questions.

The social media forum is not designed to provide you with a platform where you should answer the questions that nobody has asked. Didn’t get it. We mean that the simple content that you would post for your audience does not actually create enough attention for your post and there are little chances that it will help in getting the desired results. Then what should you actually do? You must ask questions that would engage the audience leading to the answers ultimately. This is how the process of engagement is expected to work on this forum.

Role Of Open Ended Questions In Social Media

As a business, if you have posted something on your page or platform, you must leave it as an open ended question. Like how? As an example, consider any topic on which you have made a post. Just end it with the statement that asks your audience about their opinion about the topic. However, one of the important things that we must here is that the answer or the immediate response of the audience must not be limited to Yes or No. You’ll have to devise a question that would actually lad to a discussion amongst the members of your audience. Expanded answers might instigate the others to give their opinions as well, leading to more engagement on your posts, higher visibility and thus more chances for increased sales or lead generation etc.

Even as an individual, asking the opinion of others can get you the same benefits as it would have created for any business. You’ll have your name more noticed in the circle, helping other people to agree or disagree with you and thus in turn creating credibility for you and your profile. Similarly, creating a questioning post is not the only way to generate interaction. You should also respond to the opinions and questions that others have asked on their post. Although, your content and opinion are also important in this regard for creating engagement we are actually concerned about your name going through the eyes of others so that everyone knows that you are active and mean business on social media. But definitely, this expression is generated in a subtle manner in the sub-consciousness of the others.

With this condition in mind, if you’ll be asking a marketing expert about one of the vital elements for good marketing especially on social media. You’ll get the only answer and that would be “content”. But what content, which content and how to create content remains questions still. To all these questions, the only answer is that you should manage the content, which is unique and attention grabbing at the same time. This unique and attention grabbing content actually requires you to create the necessary engagement where the others could express their opinion.

Although, the advice about the best thing to do for social media marketing as “content creation” is the best advice that you can get. But this is not the comprehensible suggestion. Making it comprehensive, you’ll have to consider raising questions on the others’ posts too. It will improve the overall level of your participation and thus the chances of getting noticed as well.

Need an example? Consider anyone has created a post about the cleaning of carpet stating that cleaning carpets every six months is a must. After reading this post, you should not remain silent rather, you should ask your own questions there about carpet cleaning etc. Adding an open ended question there too can be helpful for instigating the discussion. Like you may ask will cleaning twice a year be enough or should I go for additional touchups with my carpets too. You can get comments from the other people viewing the posts too. Similarly, your comment would also come in contact with the eyes of the people who are just watching the posts and scrolling their news feed. You can even go for a closed ended question here. Actually, both open ended and closed ended questions can be used in this case too. There can be some posts where open ended questions would not work or simply after adding open ended questions, you would have to wrap the entire discussion, so for that such closed ended questions should be used.

In case you can’t think of a question that you can ask on the others’ post, you can simply ask for clarifications on the posts that they have made. Using the same example, you can ask people with the same posts that what do they mean by carpet cleaning or who do they define carpet cleaning. Here you could be referring to the company-based cleaning or managing it through your own equipment etc. So, the ultimate purpose of these questions, clarifications, and explanations on the other posts is to engage the users and tempt them to comment back to you.


In conclusion, you can consider that the purpose of generating an open ended post for your own wall or commenting on the others’ post is to elongate the life of your posts, become prominent in their eyes of the other views and generate engagement in the form of comments, reactions and sharing of the same content. Adopting this strategy can definitely lead you to get effective online marketing in place and the advice of creating unique content has actually been fulfilled.