How To Design The Entrance To Your House And Make It Absolutely Stunning

How To Design The Entrance To Your House And Make It Absolutely Stunning - Bill Lentis Media
Whenever someone visits your house, the first thing they step into is the foyer. If you want to make a good first impression and feel proud of having a well designed house that envy others, you have to start with designing the foyer really well. An essential part of this is to make sure the foyer is well lit. Choosing the right lighting for foyer can make a great first impression on guests and strengthen it when they leave your house, too.

A designer can best guide you on what the best lighting for foyer but with a few tips you can do great on your own as well. The foyer is focused on a lot and designing and lighting it just right helps to set the tone for the rest of your house. Getting the design right includes suitable light fixtures and sizes. If you choose to go for a ceiling pendant for instance, or a chandelier keep the size of your foyer and how low or high the ceiling is in mind. You don’t want the lights to hang so low that guests bump their heads against them! Also go and check out the how to design a perfect office? – about this.

Choosing something arty or gorgeous like a stunning crystal chandelier or a contemporary hanging lamp adds a lot to the foyer in terms of visual appeal. Lighting for foyers can be done in a variety of styles. You can go for an antique look or choose something sleek and modern depending on what sort of house you have and how the rest is furnished and designed. Keep the wall paint in mind as well when choosing something and make sure the style of the lighting for foyer does not clash with any piece of furniture present. Also go and check out the get rid of the old and dull lighting fixtures – check this.

Lighting for foyer is mostly considered ornamental and there is a large variety of ornamental lights to choose from. Materials such as bronze, nickel and iron are commonly used. Glass is often seen as well. Then there are different styles, shapes and textures to choose from; tear drop, pyramid, stained or frosted glass, solid colors, gold plated, glass globes with metal that gives an antique look and so on. Choosing what complements your foyer and adds elegance and class to your foyer is essential. Also go and check out the getting the best ceiling light fixtures for perfect illumination – click here.

Proper lighting for foyer is essential not only because you want to make the entrance to your house visually striking but also to prevent accidents that may be caused by stumbling around in the dark and knocking over umbrella stands.

Lighting for foyer may not be light on your pocket. However, dishing cash out to light the foyer suitably is truly worth it. A dark, poorly lit entrance to your home will create a bad impression on visitors no matter how well lit the rest of your house is. Creating a nice ambience and having a well illuminated foyer is important to impart a warm welcome to guests and show off how good you are at décor. Choosing the right lighting for foyer helps you do exactly this.