How To Design A Perfect Office Atmosphere: A Guide For The Novices

How To Design A Perfect Office Atmosphere A Guide For The Novices - Bill Lentis Media
A comfortable, well designed workplace is near essential for anyone for them to be their most productive and comfortable. An office needs to have what we call good ‘working conditions’ and lighting plays an essential part of it overall. When designing a perfect office, employee productivity is definitely the most important thing and design is usually aligned accordingly . However, visual appeal is often neglected entirely even though it is important too.

Lighting makes all the difference. Not only does it make the office space pleasing to the eye, it also uplifts people mentally, as evidenced by psychological studies. And what is better than rock pendant lights to light up your office?

The Ceiling:

Every office has to have one. Recently, ‘cardboard’ ceilings have begun to spring up mainly so spotlights can be mounted on them. While this is convenient in the short term, it is generally a better idea to stick to normal ceilings and use an alternative to spotlights instead. Cardboard ones often bring along a whole new slew of problems alongside, most common of which are seepage concerns. Skip both cardboard ceilings and spotlights and choose rock pendant lights instead. Not only will they light up your office nicely, the rock pendant lights themselves look attractive fitted with savor bulbs, unlike other lights. You can choose what suits your office best from different styles and shapes and arrange them whichever way looks best. Also go and check out the how to decorate home using interior lighting – click here for more info.

Windows And Doors:

If you go for a contemporary minimalistic look and glass-and-metal doors, you’ll probably want double flap doors in your office, which are generally suitable in an office. If your office has a more traditional look with wooden doors, or maybe even iron ones, they should be single flap and should not be anywhere near the main entrance of your office. Doors made of materials such as wood and iron should be kept to places where visitors to the office will not see them. Lighting up the entrance with rock pendant lights is recommended because of the brilliant effect that it creates. Also go and check out the functional and flexible track lights for your interior – read more.

As far as shades for the windows are concerned, pick curtains over tints. Curtains allow sunlight in. It is a well known fact that sunlight boosts moods. Choose a decent shade for the curtains, white or something neutral is a safe bet. Flowery, overly bright curtains are a big no-no.

Fixtures And Fittings:

Furniture used should be suitable for offices and shouldn’t look out of place. The color of the furniture shouldn’t clash with that of the wall paint and rock pendant lights. To be on the safe side, just choose the same color as the rock pendant lights. Look for chairs and sofas that are worth the space they cover. Use space effectively and choose office appropriate tables and desks. A rock pendant light above each furniture item is a good idea.

Following a color theme and using rock pendant lights are two things suggested by most renowned interior designers and these lights are a great way to make your office a place you wouldn’t want to leave. Also go and check out the get rid of the old and dull lighting fixtures – click.