How To Come Up With Cool And Unique Domain Name

How To Come Up With Cool And Unique Domain Name -


More and more businesses have recognized the need for coming up with a website to promote their business and basically get their brand out there. There are immense possibilities for businesses in cyberspace waiting to be exploited.

Before you can get to the business of carving out those opportunities for yourself, you first need to come up with a domain name. The domain name is the name you enter on to the search engine or browser search box. For you to have a domain name which you will use for your website, it must be unique_ the only one of its kind.

This basically means that you need to put in a lot of concerted effort to come up with a unique domain name. In cyberspaces, small differences in the name can make the difference between visibility and invisibility to your targeted users. Spellings and similar sounds can be very misleading and might wind up costing you a lot of business in the long run. A case in point is where was compelled to buy just to ensure that there was no confusion with their brand.

This article is designed to provide you with tips for coming up with and choosing a domain name for your website. It shed more light into what is needed come up with domain name that you will stick with in order to boost traffic to your site.

Think About Using A City Or Country Code In Your Domain Name

The likelihood of someone else choosing your preferred domain name in .com or .net is high. As a budding website owner, it is your job to ensure that the name you choose is unique and easily locatable. To this end, limiting your scope to a city or country is a great way to start because the chances of someone else using a similar name to yours are very low to nonexistent. This will be evident as you come up with the search. It is something to think about especially if you want to stand out in a positive way from the rest of the pack.

Ensure It Is Easy To Spell

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential visitor to your site. What would type of website name would you prefer to type into the browser search box: something overelaborate or something simple? Simple of course! It is important that when you are choosing a domain name that you choose a name that has common letters and is very easy to type. Chances of you converting are high when the customer does not have to strain to input your domain name in the search box.

Your Domain Name Must Be Memorable

As you come up with names for your site, go for catchy names that are very easy to remember. Visitors are likely to go back to sites that come to mind rather easily.

Let Keyword Help You

The most sought after keywords, preferable the top five, in your business niche should be considered if you are looking to increase traffic to your site from search engines. Look for those keywords from multiple sources and come up with a list of names on your own, changing the spellings as and when needed until you get the right name for your domain.

Do Not Apply SEO Trends

There is this looming danger of trends changing and when you use a trend on your name, you risk looking irrelevant. Search engines constantly update their algorithms and your page ranking will be affected with the in vogue trend disappears in the wind. Just stick to using SEO trends on the pages rather than on your domain name.

Added Considerations To Your Domain Name Search

These above-mentioned tips are just the beginning. There are other minor considerations that you must have in mind when doing a viable domain name search. Here are the main ones:

Check On The Trademark Status

The last thing you want after going live and making a tidy sum of money from the traffic you get on your site is a lawsuit for trademark infringement. Sounds like a simple enough and forgivable error, does it not? These days you cannot be careful enough because some people are just litigious looking for a quick meal-ticket wherever they can find it. If it means taking you to the cleaners for a seemingly innocent use of a name that happened to be trademarked, they will do it without batting an eyelash. Thus, you must assume responsibility for checking out the trademark status at the USTPO. If the name you intend to use is not on there, go ahead and use it. If you feel like you need to protect the domain name so that it is not used somewhere else, you can go ahead and trademark it.

Keep The Name Short And Sweet

Long domain names are a hassle to remember and input. When you want to boost traffic to your site, you should ensure that the characters you use are as short as possible. As the search engines results come up, they fit within the page and are memorable the other time around.

Ensure That The Domain Name Is Relatable To Your Business

At the end of your day, the main purpose of setting up your site is to ensure that it promotes your business. When you come up with a domain name for the website, strive to keep it as close to the nature of the business as possible. Since you want to make it short, make the name as close to your business as possible. This will give visitors an idea of what your site is about at first glance, even before they open it.

Although these tips are easy and somewhat straightforward, it is vital to also look at the niche, consider its marketability and size of the followers. These are other essential components of getting a good domain name that is SEO friendly and will ultimately translate to increased traffic to your website. By sticking to the abovementioned tips, you will be on course to getting a good name. Do not be stubborn when it comes to coming up with a domain name and stick to just one name from the outset. Give yourself options to choose from and then decide.