How To Clean Vitamix Blender Jar

How To Clean Vitamix Blender Jar - Bill Lentis Media
Vitamix blender jar is one of the best blenders on the market, because of its good performance. Using a blender, making smoothies and milkshakes is fun. However, the nightmare part is cleaning a blender jar, because there are always some stubborn stains that people can’t get rid of.

Method#1 To Clean Vitamix Blender Jar

Whenever a person uses their Vitamix blender jar, they have to clean it properly. The best ways to clean it is by putting a few drops of dishwashing soap in it, and then add some cups of hot water. Blend the mixture for some time, and then rinse with clean water. This method is very effective, because blending a jar with soapy and warm water, pretty much cleans every corner of the blender.

How To Remove Turmeric Stains From A Vitamix Blender Jar?

Turmeric is part of many dishes in normal kitchen cooking, but blending it in a Vitamix blender jar and cleaning it later, can be a nightmare. The easy and tried solution to this is, to put the blender jar under the sunlight, and the UV rays are strong enough to turn it clean again. The same soap and water method can be repeated again, after it is cleaned by UV rays.

Method To Get Rid Of The Cloud In A Vitamix Blender Jar

Those who use a Vitamix blender jar on a daily basis know that, often a cloud or a mist starts to form on the inside walls of the jar. However, they have nothing to worry about, as it can be cleaned with ease.

Put 1 large cup of baking soda in the blender jar, and then add 1 small cup of white vinegar. Gently shake the container, so that the two ingredients mix well together. Add some cups of warm water, and then run the Vitamix blender jar on high for at least 1 minute. Rinse the blender jar and then use a towel or a damp cloth to wipe the jar clean.

Can Vitamix Blades Be Sharpened?

People usually try to make slushies in blenders, and that ice that is put in it, might dull the blades. However, these blades can be sharpened again safely, and a person can bring the blender to its original state. The best way to sharpen the blades is by using a sharpening stone. However, this could hurt the user’s hand in the process, which is why the user should seek professional help. Also go and check out the how to blend soup without a hand blender – click this.

Why Does My Vitamix Smell?

Sometimes a person overburdens the Vitamix blender jar, and the motor might start to overheat. The overheating would emit a burning smell, causing the Vitamix to smell. In this case, switch off the blender completely, and take the power cord out. Don’t use it for at least another 45 minutes, giving it a chance to cool down. Also, take the blender off its base, and then blow some air at the bottom of the base, using the cool settings of a hair dryer.