How To Microwave A Jacket Potato

How Microwave Jacket Potato -
A baked potato is also called a jacket potato. A baked potato is usually served as a side of several dishes. If a jacket potato is cooked well, then it its interior is fluffy, and its skin is crispy. The best fillings for jacket potatoes are cheese, sour cream and ground meat. Some people like butter and gravy as fillings for jacket potatoes too. They are called jacket potatoes, because their top is carved oven, to put fillings inside them; BBCGoodFood.

Are Microwave Jacket Potatoes Healthy?

Microwave jacket potatoes are healthy to eat. However, one problem that every cook faces is that, they are not able to get the crispy skin from the microwave. When potatoes are microwaved, then the flavor of mashed potatoes increases. To make the best microwaved jacket potato, there are four basic things that a cook will need. He will need 2 large baking potatoes, 1 tsp olive oil, salt and butter. The baking potatoes have to be placed in a microwave safe plate, and the potatoes have to be properly washed. It is best to prick the skin of the potatoes using a fork, and to create tiny holes so that steam can escape from it. Also read about how microwave defrost works – Click Here.

After the initial preparation, the cook needs to lay a piece of kitchen towel roll on the microwave plate, and then put the potatoes on the towel; KidSpot. The potatoes should be covered with another kitchen roll, and then place the dish inside the microwave. The timer on the microwave should be set for 4 minutes, after which the potatoes have to be turned over, carefully. The potatoes have to be cooked for another four minutes; until the cook feels that they are soft and the skin is wrinkled, they should be microwaved.

Are Jacket Potato Skins Good For You?

Jacket potato skins are quite healthy, because they capture the natural nutrition and have more of them than the interior of the potato. Moreover, the skin has lots of fiber; potato is high in fiber, and the skin of the potato provides half of that fiber. Potato skins are not toxic; however, the green potato skins can make one sick and shouldn’t be eaten. There are hazardous substances in the skin of green potatoes, which is why everyone should peel them, before eating them; Idahopotato.

Are Jacket Potatoes Good For Diabetics?

Jackets potatoes have starch in them, but diabetics can still enjoy them. However, they should always monitor their potato intake, because they also contain carbohydrates. A diabetic should not take food which is high in carbohydrates, because it will increase the blood sugar level of the person.

Jacket potatoes are very delicious to eat, but the person cooking them should choose their filling wisely. It is best to include cream or mushroom gravy in it, because it enhances the taste of potatoes. Whether it is baked potato, jacket potato or sweet potato, they should all be eaten in a limit.