How To Microwave Carrots

How Microwave Carrots -
Carrots have a lovely taste, but not everyone likes the taste of raw carrots. This is why, they want to microwave carrots and properly cook them. There is not doubt that even if someone microwaves carrots, they would still be able to retain its freshness and sweetness. However, they need to know the right way and the recipe for it; WeightLossSurgery.

Can You Microwave Carrots?

Carrots can be cooked in the microwave easily. First, the cook has to wash and scrub the carrots, then remove the tops and ends. Most cooks want to peel carrots, but not peeling is an option too. The carrots should be sliced into ¼, in thick disc shape. See best microwave and microwave hot dog.

The second step is to place the carrots in a microwave-safe dish, then add 3 tablespoons of water for every 1lb of carrots. After that, the cook has to cover the dish using a plastic wrap, and then cut a slit so that steam can escape; WikiHow.

The third step is to microwave the carrots for at least five minutes. Then remove the microwave-safe dish, lift the plastic wrap and move the carrots. This way, each and every carrot piece can be cooked properly in the oven.

When the cook has stirred the carrots, then he should place them back in the microwave, until they turn tender. The liquid that remains in the dish has to be drained off, so that it doesn’t make the carrots too soggy. To add taste to the carrots, the cook can season it using salt, pepper, butter and olive oil; LiveStrong.

Can You Microwave Baby Carrots?

There are claims that when someone places baby carrots in the microwave, they go bad, followed by a spark. However, that’s not true. It takes 10 minutes to cook 2 cups of baby carrots. There will be no spark, if the right recipe is followed. The recipe discussed for normal carrots, can be applied to baby carrots, but the cooking time should be 10 minutes; 5 minutes for each side. Baby carrots are usually served with a protein entrée, because they go well as a side dish.

Are Carrots Good For You?

Carrots are extremely good for health, especially for eyes. Carrots have Vitamin A, and Vitamin A deficiency results in xerophthalmia, which causes night blindness. Children and adults should consume carrot, in raw, cooked and juice shape. There are many people who don’t like carrot juice, but it really helps in improving one’s eyesight.

Carrots are perfect fro improving digestive health of a person, and it even decreases the risk of colon cancer. A medium carrot contains about 1.7g of fiber, and that is what every person should include in their daily diet.

It might be surprising for some to know, but carrots help in controlling diabetes. Even though carrots contain sugar, but they are higher in fiber compared to sugar. If diabetics want to eat carrots, and they don’t want to spike their sugar levels, then they should microwave or boil carrots.