How Long Do You Blend Bulletproof Coffee

How Long Do You Blend Bulletproof Coffee - Bill Lentis Media


Bulletproof coffee started with the brand Bulletproof, but people no longer need to buy the brand to make the coffee. All they need is their favorite brewed coffee, unsalted butter, MCT oil and blender. The reason why people have switched to bulletproof coffee, is because it is very delicious, it has fat burning properties, and it is fun to make. It also gives a person more energy, compared to regular coffee. The appropriate time to blend a Bulletproof coffee is 60 seconds.

Why Blend Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee can be blended, and it just makes it easier to prepare in the morning. In fact, it is nutritious, and can even replace the breakfast that people usually have in the morning. Moreover, this kind of coffee can curb a person’s hunger, and give them more focus and mental clarity. It not only increases the energy levels, but tastes very creamy and delicious.

Recipe For Bulletproof Coffee

First, brew at least 8-16 ounces of coffee; brewing should depend on the number of cups that a person consumes every day. Put the coffee in a blender, add 1 tbsp of unsalted butter, 1 tsp of MCT oil and then blend for a good 40-60 seconds. If someone wants to know whether the coffee is ready or not, they should see if the color of the coffee is light; if it is, then it is ready to be consumed.

Put the coffee in a mug, where it stays warm, because if it starts to get cold, then the butter will become hard. Moreover, if there is no MCT oil or butter in the house, then use coconut oil, and it will give out the same result. To add more taste to the coffee, people can add salt and cinnamon to it as well. Also go and check out the does blending vegetables remove nutrients – click here to read.

Is It Ok To Drink Bulletproof Coffee Everyday?

Bulletcoffee is very popular, especially those who prefer a low carb diet. Even though drinking bulletproof coffee, occasionally, doesn’t harm the human health, it is not good to make it routine. This is especially for those who want to replace their breakfast with Bulletproof coffee. It has fats, and doesn’t have many nutrients. While drinking this coffee can be fun, breakfast has its own value.

How Long Does Bulletproof Coffee Keep You Full?

If someone does swap their breakfast with Bulletproof coffee for a week, their body will take a while to adjust to the fats present in it. The coffee will keep a person full until lunch, but it depends on the amount of butter and oil that they include in the coffee.

How Much Bulletproof Coffee Can I Drink?

As bulletproof coffee is a high calorie drink, it is best to drink 2 cups of it. As it contains both oil and butter, too many cups in a single day would be bad for health. The reason why people put butter in their coffee is because it gives them more energy, which lasts a long time.