How Important Are Unique Domains?

How Important Are Unique Domains -


Why Does A Domain Name Matter?

A new website depends on the domain name that it uses for establishing a good reputation with the audience. In most of the cases, the online presence is identified and built through the domain name. In case of some of the high traffic websites, you might think that the domain names that they have used are not related to their niche or do not mean anything. However, you have failed to ignore one of the minor aspects in these domain names. The domain names of these websites might necessarily not mean anything but they are unique. This is how the importance of domain name can be accessed. Have you ever wondered what is meant by Yahoo or Reddit? Both of these names are amongst the famous and prominent domain names but they really don’t mean anything. So one thing that you can draw from this scenario is that in order to establish the presence in the online environment, you need something unique in your domain name that does not tie your brand or website to any other thing than your own brand.

Is Changing The Domain Name Possible?

This importance of domain name shows that changing one of the established domain names is actually risky and involves various challenges in it. This is why once you have managed to establish a customer base and traffic to your website; you really don’t want to change it unless you really have a big reason to do so. In order to understand it in a better way, you can see it as changing your own name. Once your parents have chosen a name for you, you are usually known by the same name throughout your life unless you have a very clear reason to change it. Even changing names can create problems for others in locating you whether it is about you or your website. Once you’ll change the domain name, your traffic or customer base will actually have no idea where to look for you.

Brand Reputation Is Linked With Domain Name

In case you have decided to change the name of your domain after building your reputation after several years of your online presence, then it can actually be detrimental to the brand image that has been built over years. Now, you’ll have to go for the rebuilding of your entire brand, that too from scratch. In the online world, appearing on screen with a domain name is taken as a new entity, which will require same or probably more effort (because of competition) to get in touch with the customers and establish strong relations that were once the part of the brand. You cannot actually manage to redirect the traffic from a particulars domain name to the other one, especially in the same way and to the same level.

If you choose to rebuild a new brand name by linking it with the older one, you will create a negative perception regarding your entity in the followers, so your followers might start leaving you automatically. You’ll have to take this decision after thinking about all the possible impacts that can be created as a result.

How To Choose The Right Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is a difficult task and requires much of your effort. This is because you’ll be probably looking for something relevant to your niche but unique as well. With such a problem, you can actually have unlimited options and possibilities available in front of you and you have to make the right decision. Sometimes, you might even face conflicting situations in the process of domain name selection as well. You might consider one of the domain names as appropriate but it not sound as good vocally, so you might decide to drop its usage. Sometimes when everything is right, you might face difficulty in registering the chosen domain name. So until your domain name is registered and being used by your entity, you will remain skeptical about it, changing minds and finding it difficult to register it.

You can even get some suggestions for the registration of domain from the registrar office as well. But one thing that you should note here is that they might not be providing you with the cheaper domain options, so you might end up getting a high priced domain. Additionally, another question that might pop up in your mind is about buying the already registered domain names. Even in that case, you can go for them and there a no apparent problems in it, but things that you must check here is the suitability of that particular available domain name with your brand or the main reason for which you are going to make a website. The only thing that makes a domain name suitable is its uniqueness. Now comes the question what is a unique domain. This question has been addressed in the section below.

What Is A Unique Domain Name?

You can get a domain name, which is 255 characters long, and this is the maximum limit. Until now, one of the domain names has achieved 63 characters, which makes it unique in the real sense. But in normal routine, the shorter the name of the domain, the more beneficial it is as it becomes easy to remember and recall by the target audience. The shortest length of the possible domain is of two characters. Moreover, the first character of the domain name must be alphanumeric, minus (-) or period (.) cannot be used as the end of the name and various characters are very not allowed in the domain. Moreover, another thing that you must have not in the domain names is that you cannot use any sort of spaces. However, underscore (_) is one of the special characters that you have to use in every domain name. Apart from these restrictions, you can choose any name for the domain you want and you can use it unless it is not taken already.

Over time, the importance of domain names are decreasing and this is why the focus of these names is shifting from the perfect ones to the unique ones.