Google Online Marketing Bootcamp

Google Online Marketing Bootcamp -


There are three speakers in this video: Anatasia Mariussen, Tim and Kavjan. The speakers all hold different positions in the company and have spent a few years in it; they talk about the Google online marketing campaign in the video.


In this competition, 3-6 students can select a business or an NGO and then make a report on the AdWords pre-campaign: Sprout Social In this report, they explain client overview, the AdWord strategies proposed by the group and the method through they are going to measure success of their AdWords campaign. The third stage is to run the campaign and then produce a post AdWords report. In the second report, they talk about what they learned, how effective their campaign was and they support it with the help of charts and tables.

This program can be helpful for those who want to understand the digital marketing ecosystem and gain an experience of how to work with AdWords.

GOMB Program

There are about nine weeks of this program, in which the participants would be able to learn things related to digital marketing: HEC during the first week, the participants would be introduced to digital marketing and its ecosystem. Then they would be asked to set up a campaign, come up with audience solutions, make ads and create a budget. The participants would be able to learn about AdWords, how to measure performance, how to optimize it, how to analyze the effectiveness of an ad and the quality of a site.

Searching Through Google

As Google knows the location of the user, it is able to produce results according to the location of the user. For example, if someone searches for the name of the President, and the user is from USA, then he would immediately get an answer. If people want information about restaurants or movies playing in their area, all they have to do is hold the home button, while they are chatting with their friends, and they will get their desired information.

Marketing & Digital Marketing

The video defines what marketing is really; marketing is a process through which products and services are promoted: insead There is product cycle and development involved in marketing, which makes a business more competitive. Digital marketing is not so different either, as it focuses on the distribution and promotion of products, but by using online means like email marketing, and online banners. Google offers many digital opportunities for companies, which they can use to reach out to the customers.

Moments That Matter

When we want to know someone, we look for it on Google, and this shows that people are constantly connected with what is happening. When people visit a place where they have not been to, they look for things online, like places where they can go or restaurants where they can eat. There are different moments people search for on Google, like when they want to watch something, know something, go somewhere, do something or buy something, and this happens through the Google related apps available on mobile phones.