Getting Customer Reviews And Feedback To Get Your Site To Convert And Rank Better

Getting Customer Reviews And Feedback To Get Your Site To Convert And Rank Better -


When we talk about the ranking in SEO, it is usually referred to as a position of a particular website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). By following some specific techniques, a person can increase the ranking of his/her website. Being at number one position means that when a visitor conducts a search on the internet or the World Wide Web your site should be the first to be shown in the list of results. If not the 1st number, it should at least be on the first page. Quite an authentic research says that 95% of the people surfing the net usually don’t go beyond the first page of the results. So the target should be to raise the ranking of your web site to be among top ten at least. Only then can it be shown on the first page.

The first and most important practice is that the content that is posted on your web page should be pertinent and appropriate.

If you manage to get a good quality content for your product page, it will help you in increasing the traffic at your site which in turn would make your site authoritative and relevant.

Make sure that you keep your content up-dated on regular bases. Up-dating the web page on regular bases increases the relevance of your website and helps in attracting the visitors. So it is mandatory to keep it fresh via regular apprises. If your web page is well optimized it will help in flourishing your merchandise and would also be helpful in developing the trust of the customers in you and your product.

Factors Affecting SEO Ranking

When we see or hear the term SEO, a lot of other related terms come to our mind. The question that is usually aroused is regarding the dimension that needs to be focused to improve the SEO ranking. Most of the dealers or businessmen just attempt to focus on the keywords, but if the person is interested in making the things veracious, there are several other significant factors that need to be kept in mind. If you will avoid doing so, you will fail to get your expected results.

The search engines make use of algorithms, and the search engine algorithms not only focus on the keywords on a particular page but also takes into consideration other factors like the time duration that has been spent by the visitor on a specific page, the rate of the bounce, the pages that have been viewed, different links (bound and unbound) and the most significant one, that is the reviews and feedbacks that are being provided by the visitors.

It is very significant that you have the feedback and the reviews of the customers on your web page. It will help you in improving the quality of your product. This is a very significant element of SEO but is usually ignored by a large number of businessmen. But it strongly influences your of your website pages.

Benefits Of Adding Customer Reviews Or Comments

If a person is running a business online, he/she may have his/her product pages. If a person has a product page, it is very vital that the person should have the response, observations and reviews about the product from his /her customers. Even if the person does not have them, he/she still needs them. People who are running the online stores, they already have customers feedbacks and comments. It is a well acknowledged fact that feedback of the visitors and customers play a vital role in assisting in improving the quality of your product and enhancing your business perspectives.

It’s All About Recommendations

Many things that we buy and many purchases that we make are usually based on the recommendations of our family members and friends. Many a times, our colleagues buy a product from a certain dealer. Being satisfied they recommend the dealer and the product to us. Once we are happy with the same product, we recommend it further. So this chain reaction based on the feedback of a satisfied customer help a great deal in flourishing the business. The satisfaction of your near and dear ones and the people you know provide you with the feeling of security.

Similarly, if positive feedback is given by the customers on your web page, it will develop the feeling of safety in the minds of the customers. Trust is the main factor. It encourages and motivates the clients to make further purchases.

Benefits Of SEO

SEO provides you with a long list of benefits. Some of these are discussed underneath.

You Acquire Additional, Free And distinctive content for your product pages

You acquire additional content for your product page without paying money. The customers positively enhance the description of your product. They add something really valuable to your page, that is, their own feedback after using your product and after making purchases through you.

The Pages Of Your Website Will Remain Updated

As the people would be frequently visiting your web page and would be adding their feedback on regular basis, this will help you in keeping your website updated regularly.

Customers Make Use Of Their Own Vocabulary

Whenever a visitor posts comments or gives feedback, he/she uses his/her own unique languages and might make use of the phrases and the words that have not been used by you. This will provide you with a long list of keywords that were not being used by you before. Many of the words would have been missed by you. So, these valued customers are in fact indirectly working for you and are providing you with new keywords-the words that you didn’t use at the start of your web page.

Feedbacks Are Always Associated With Whatever’s On The Web Page

All the feedbacks and comments that are being given by the customers and the clients are always related to content of a specific web page.