Front Yard Vegetable Garden

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Planting A Front Yard Vegetable Garden

Most people grow turf grass in their front yard, water it and then after every two or three weeks, cut it and throw it away. If they start growing something edible in their front yard, then they can really benefit from it.

Even though it is out of the norm to turn a front yard into a vegetable garden, if the gardener does it right, then many people would be in awe of the efforts. The main objective of a front yard garden is to keep it clean and productive. It is not necessary that a vegetable garden would always be neat, but if the gardener has the right information and does his research, then he can do wonders. Also go and check out the free vegetable garden planner – click here for more.

Three Basic Things for the Front Yard

There are three basic things that a gardener would need for a front yard vegetable garden. The first thing that he needs is time. Vegetables won’t grow right away, and they require patience from the gardener to grow and thrive. Most people think that just sowing the seeds and watering them is going to do the job, but that is not it. For a front yard vegetable garden, they need to involve their family members and give it proper attention.

The second basic element is the sun. Many crops need sun to thrive, while others don’t need them much. A gardener can buy a shade cloth for those, who don’t need full exposure from the sun. In fact, a creative idea here would be to put plants on caster or even platform, so that they can be wheeled away when the sun gets too hot.

The third and last basic element is water. A garden needs to be watered regularly, but some plants need more water compared to others. This is why, gardeners should set up a soaker system, which would make watering plants easy and effective; Breeze Inch.

Raised Beds

Planting in raised beds in the front yard would be a better choice; Yaheetech. This is because, it reduces the stress that weeds give most gardeners. Raised beds make it easier for the gardener to look after the vegetables and manage them. Such a design of a vegetable garden looks more appealing, and doesn’t bother the neighbors as well.

Choosing Plants

As the gardener would be planting vegetables in the front yard, it is best to choose nice colored vegetables. Make sure to reserve one side of the yard for the flowers, because the front yard should look appealing. Gardeners can plant vegetables like kale, artichoke, lettuce and rhubarb. They can plant seasonal vegetables, and water them accordingly.

While a front yard vegetable is about planting things that a family can use later, it should be about style as well. The gardener should use ornaments that he can place on the side of the vegetables, for an appealing look. He should create separators on the front yard, for each vegetable, as it will be easier to look after them.