Formatting Your Blog To Make It Creative

Formatting Your Blog To Make It Creative -


You have written a blog, and you want other people to see it too, but how do you make that happen? This is something that many bloggers struggle with. They want their blog to go viral and for other people to see and read it.

If you want your blog to be noticed by people, then you need to really find your purpose first. You need to know why you want your blog to go viral. Is it because you want more people on Facebook to become your fans? Do you want to add more names to your email list? Do you want your blog to get attention and gain more popularity? Or you just want people to like you and like what you like?

When you know why you want your content to go viral, then you need to find your unique style. Your style should be such that it captures the attention of the audience and for this, you need to format your blog using effective ways.


When you create a blog, you need to use good images. Images should be of good quality, should be clear and must have eye-catching elements, so that the readers look at them carefully. For example, if you are blogging about parenting styles, then you need to use images that your readers can relate to. You can use the image of a toddler, who is on the floor and crying loudly, while his mother looks at him in frustration. This is something that all parents can relate to, and they would be attracted towards your blog, for the very same reason.

When the reader sees the image, then he will definitely continue to read your blog, because you have made him feel empathetic. Also, images add color to a blog and make them livelier. When you use images, you are basically making it more attractive for the reader to continue to read your blog. While reading, he is also able to imagine what the text means and feels like.

Give The Reader Some Space

There are articles and blog posts, which are formatted in a way that they look like books and novels. It can be frustrating to see all the jumbled up text and the readers won’t find it very interesting. This is why you need to leave some space when you are writing a blog, so that the reader doesn’t feel stress while reading. You can put up headings and change paragraphs frequently, and it will make it easier for the reader to read content, even on their mobile phone screen.

When you are writing a blog, you need to come up with a language that doesn’t sound like you are using school language. You need to use the kind that people can easily read and understand. Moreover, people like to scroll down, because of the impatience that they experience when reading long things, and if you give them space, then your content will be considered of good quality.


The heading that you put in your blog, you need to make sure that it answers the question for the reader, as to why should they read your blog. Your heading should state the benefit that a reader would gain from reading your blog. For example, there are headings which state right away, what the reader will find in the article or blog; “7 Things That You Didn’t Know About Workplace Harassment”, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About SEO Marketing” and “Six Things That You Need To Know About The New Smartphone In Town”.

Headings should be used more, so that the reader is able to divide the content into the things that he wants to read, and the things that are more interesting. Headings also give a good look to your blog, because it makes it simpler to read and understand as well.

Subheadings Should Be Consistent

Subheadings are like mini-headings, and they can provide a better explanation that headings don’t. It is important to use mini-headings that are consistent with the style of the blog, and that won’t make the blog confusing. There are different ways through which you can use mini-headings, and make it easier for the readers to understand the content of the blog.

You can use bullets or numbers when making points, but you can’t use both because they will not give your blog a good look. Secondly, if you use capital letters in one heading, then you need to use capital letters in every heading. Thirdly, you must not use different fonts for a blog, but one, so that the reader doesn’t feel stressed when reading. Lastly, you should make your headings, bold or italics, and use this style consistently.

The Content Should Be Worth Sharing

You need to develop your content in such a way, that it can be shared on different platforms. For example, if you are posting a picture on social media, then you need to resize and edit that picture accordingly. If you want to post a quote about your blog on Twitter, to encourage people to read your blog, then the quote should be short and appealing at the same time.

Formatting a blog to increase traffic is easy, but you need to make note of basic things that attract readers. To recap, you need to include pictures that people can relate to emotionally, leave enough space so that they don’t feel stressed while reading, post a clear heading and a subheading, be consistent with your font and style and include good quotes.

If you want to know more about blogging and how you can make your blog successful, then you need to join an online community of bloggers. Finding other bloggers and interacting with them will give you an idea about the things that you should avoid writing or doing, and the things that can make your blog go viral. You will be able to get ideas for content creation and it can be an educational experience for you.