Europe Route With A Backpack

Europe Route With A Backpack -


If you are looking for an adventurous trip to some of the most beautiful and natural places in Europe, then backpacking is the only way to it. Why is it the only way? There are two main reasons for it. Firstly, you can get to explore every inch of the place you are visiting. Secondly, because of the low cost, you can easily go for an international trip, which in other cases (normal sophisticated trip) might not be possible. Below mentioned is one of the best routes to enjoy with a backpack on in the European region. We hope that you’ll be excited about reading this and will probably plan your next holiday accordingly.


Heathrow Airport is the best choice for landing into Europe as it is linked with different means of public transports through which you can start exploring the London city and its surroundings. Buckingham Palace can be your first choice to visit. The palace is beautiful both from inside and outside and really shows the royal nature associated with it. You can even view the changing of guard’s ceremony here and enjoy the glory. Some of the other places to visit while on a trip to London are the Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Each of these places has an attached historical significance, and you can enjoy the beauty associated with these sites to get the most out of your trip.


Known as the city of Love. On your visit there, you’ll realize why is it said so. One of the best ways to travel from London to Paris is by taking a Eurostar underground train. You can even enjoy your traveling through this mode. One of the first things you can enjoy in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy the view from outside free or buy a ticket to get inside it. Both ways, it has its own beauty, and you’ll definitely want to capture it. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Montmartre art district are amongst the must-visit places in Paris. They will give you the real sense of art and beauty, and you won’t be able to stay without admiring the architecture and art of these places.


Visiting Rome with a backpack is really worthwhile because Rome is full of ancient history and art. You can see everything you have read about it or watched in movies right in front of your eyes. The eternal city provides the real charisma to its visitors by showcasing all the beauty, which could have previously been imagined. Getting to this area actually requires some of your time, but you can try a train ride to capture every aspect of the place in your trip. You might plan to spend some extra time in Rome because of its special nature. Coliseum is the main attraction of the area providing you the glimpses of all the movies that have depicted Rome. Pantheon must be your second place to visit here. You cannot miss Sistine Chapel too. Tossing a few coins in the good luck mountain might earn you some good luck, so don’t forget to try it. Eating from the local restaurants and enjoying the food there is something that you won’t forget all your life.

Cinque Terre

West Italian coast contains five towns together known as Cinque Terre. The names of each five of them are Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Manarola. Each of them has a specific beauty embedded in it. The culture of Italy pours down from every building and every interaction that we had with the people there. You’ll be amazed to know that there is one Natural cliff in the area, which touches each of the towns. Your backpack is going to help you here because these towns are different from the city lives. The lodging facilities here are reasonable and can provide you some affordable opportunities to stay and enjoy the nightlife of these small towns. You can ride a train with a day pass to wander over the area and visit the five towns. The best part here is that you can board the train as many times as you want for the particular day.


The last place in the adventurous backpack route is given to Berlin. Berlin is a place full of history. You get to see architecture and history in the real form. You can have the feeling that you are walking in some older era.

Brandenburg Gate landmark is associated with the partition of the country, but no, it is related to unification. Granite pillars used in its construction creates a maze-like feeling while walking through them. You can capture nice moments at this place. You can even visit the underground museum showing the quandary of Jews. At the same time, the modern side of Berlin also exists. Great neighborhoods, nice people and exotic food are some of the charms of the stay in Berlin. The trip to Berlin can give you a lot of opportunities to explore and discover the city according to your own perception.

While on a trip to Europe, you cannot expect to see everything within the limited stay and resources that everyone has. However, you can plan for some of the top places that you would like to visit on your backpack trip but don’t overdo your schedule that you won’t find any time to make unexpected stops. Europe is a great continent for exploration especially with your backpack and a close associate to discuss and enjoy with.