Essential Aspects Of Proper Bathroom Lighting

Essential Aspects of Proper Bathroom Lighting - Bill Lentis Media
Mostly bathroom lighting is not considered essential part of its comfort as well as nice look, but practically lighting is very important aspect of a bathroom, especially because people do detailed personal work there, like shaving and make-up. These types of tasks require bathroom illumination of proper type. In the absence of proper lighting, mistakes do occur easily which make people frustrated, but even then real reasoning behind these mistakes remained masked most of the times. It is really difficult to manage proper lighting in a bathroom, because of lack of information about specific requirements of a bathroom, which must be considered while arranging proper lighting system of a bathroom. Both task lights as well as ambient lights are required for proper bathroom illumination. Serious consideration of safety aspects of lighting in bathroom is also vital because, chances of any mishap increase in the moist and almost humid environment of bathroom.

Bathroom mirror lighting is very special aspect of bathroom illumination. All daily routine personal tasks like, shaving or putting make-up on, are done in front of bathroom mirrors. These daily chores require modern bathroom mirror lighting, from the front to avoid any kind of shadow casting. Usually halogen capsules or compact fluorescent tubes fulfill these specific needs of bathroom illumination. It is very difficult to arrange perfect lighting in bathrooms, where splashed water mixed with steam and mixture of the two can create worst types of safety hazards. Ceiling lights and vanity lights are important in this regard, along with mirror lighting. Use of low voltage lights is ideal for bathroom environment. Functional bathroom lights must be placed around sink or vanity unit area for bathroom illumination, which must be bright enough to see face image properly in bathroom mirrors, to perform daily grooming tasks easily and properly. Light must be properly soft too, because most people hate to see their image in harsh and unflattering lights. Also go and check out the enhancing your patio with led lighting for best results – click here for info.

Tungsten halogen lamps are recommended for best bathroom illumination, because they provide a light whose spectrum is almost similar to day-light spectrum. Halogen lamps also product heat, which in turn prevents misting of mirrors in the bathroom. If someone wants to avoid halogen lamps for some personal reasons, then a whole range of illuminated bathroom mirrors are available for bathroom illumination like, compact fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent tube is most economic of all bathroom lights because, before downgrading it usually gives 10,000 hours of perfect lighting. So, if someone uses bathroom lights for only two, three hours each day then, fluorescent light can last for more than 13 years in such bathroom. Bathroom lighting zones regulations must be followed for personal safety and security. Proper bathroom mirror lighting can make anyone beautiful in mirror by highlighting reflection in an appropriate way. Also go and check out the choosing the right type of kitchen pendant lighting fixtures – check that.

Single lighting source in bathroom can be most irritating because of multiple reasons. It is also an unpleasant experience. So, for appropriate bathroom illumination, it is thoughtful to include several types of lighting, i.e., task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lighting and decoration lighting etc. Scenes can also be created using proper lighting for better effect in bathroom like, focusing bright lights around mirror area etc. and arranging softer lights around relaxing areas of bathroom like bathtub or shower area. Also go and check out the come up with as many ideas, and play with gleam – check my site.