Does Blending Destroy Fiber

Does Blending Destroy Fiber - Bill Lentis Media
Those who love to make smoothies in the blender, often wonder if it destroys the fiber in their drink or not. While there are those who worry that fiber gets destroyed in the process, there are also those who think that nutrients become more absorbent when fruits and vegetables are blended.


Fiber contains of different compounds, and is not just one nutrient. These compounds have similar functions, and are necessary for the body to function. Fiber cannot be digested, because they are made of carbohydrate molecules.

When a fruit or a vegetable is blended, it chops the fiber into smaller pieces. The impact on the body depends on the kind of fiber that a person is choosing for intake. When wheat bran is grinded, it reduces the fiber’s ability to hold water and is less effective. One study has found out that supplementing the diet with wheat bran, which is finely blended, can cause constipation. Also go and check out the can you use a blender to whisk eggs – click here for info.

Blending doesn’t destroy fiber, but it changes fiber in foods and the way it affects a person’s body. Flax seed should be put in smoothies, as compared to wheat bran, because it is a useful source of fiber. Even if you blend it, it will still be more effective compared to a wheat bran.

Does Blending Fruit Reduce Fiber?

Even though there are no studies that suggest, what a blender does to a fiber, but it is hard to imagine what a machine can do for the molars or the stomach acid. Fiber can manage to lower down a person’s cholesterol and stabilize their sugar. When a juice is blended in a blender, then it can remove fiber up to an extent from the juice. Fiber slows down the digestion process, and if there is a lack of fiber, then that can drive up the blood sugar

If a smoothie is made with a whole fruit, then it still has fiber in it. There are several smoothies that people can make in their home, using a blender. These smoothies have a lot of fiber in it, and they help in balancing blood sugar, as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Recipe For A Yoga Smoothie

Not everyone likes a green smoothie, and they look for something different and unique. Yoga smoothie contains blueberries and kale, which can be easily tossed in the blender. If someone does yoga on a regular basis, then they should put cinnamon in this mixture as well, as it is rich in fiber.

Recipe For Plant Power Smoothie

Avocado is known for the being a rich source of fiber, and it is good for the skin. It is also known as a gut boosting fat, which is healthy for the body. A half serving of smoothie, along with raspberries, chia seeds and hemp seeds, can be very nutritious for the human body.

When fruits are blended together, then it makes it easier for a person to consume them. In fact, when they are blended together, they taste better and are healthier!