Doctrine Of Authentic And Efficient Leadership

Doctrine Of Authentic And Efficient Leadership -



Many individuals have written about leadership. Almost everyone claims that influence happens to be the main characteristic in good leaders. However, leadership goes beyond influence. There’re other leadership characteristics that should also be present in a leader;

They Have Discernment And Wisdom

Leaders need discernment and wisdom for current situations. They should have the ability of looking at the intricate situations, get clarity and then establish the action plan.

Leaders Display Resourcefulness

Leaders don’t inquire other people to perform the activities that they’re personally unwilling to do. As a matter of fact, leaders choose to lead by setting an example to others. This is the thing that separates leaders from the theorists plus those who opt to remain in the sidelines. Such leaders are found in the challenges’ front lines formulating plans that will offer solutions to any problems that may arise, and give way by showing how the solutions should be executed.

Authentic leaders also acknowledge that their most essential resource is the team. A leader should therefore embrace their team and dedicate their energy every day caring about the unity of the team. Provided the team is always excellent, then nothing can stand on the way of the company’s success. Ensure that all members of the team think of themselves as the members of the strong and unified family.

Leaders Have Wield Influence

Powerful leaders tend to be infectious. Different individuals want what such leaders have while others admire their values and vision. They’re able to gather a crowd and inspire them to perform various activities. The leadership effectiveness can’t be discovered in a leader, instead it’s found with the impression made by the leader on the followers.

Consider some of the history’s greatest leaders. You will realize that one thing that they all influenced or had an impact on other people. Apart from setting goals, leadership is also about how the set goals can be achieved successfully with your team members. Leadership is also not only about amazing communication and public speaking skills. For one to become a genuine leader, you must have a distinctive contribution to the society and also make positive changes.

It is also worth noting that leading involves influencing, engaging and communicating with members of your team. Skills of communication are the root to effective leadership. An authentic leader should therefore constantly improve their relationships with other people and results will soon be observed.

Leaders With Integrity

Actions of the leaders are incorporated with their supreme values. This is mostly due to the fact that integrity decisively determines the brilliance of an individual’s impact. Integrity happens to the root of genuine leadership. Real leadership is established from a person’s character and not their style.

For one to become such type of a leader, other people must adopt to the flexible styles which fit their teammates’ potential and the circumstances. In some circumstances, leaders tend to be counselors and teachers, motivating other people and giving authority to their teammates so that they can lead through essential responsibilities even without substantial supervision. During other times, real leaders have to make complicated decisions, going against will of popular opinion and terminating people, as needed for meeting the situational requirements. Such difficult actions should be taken when still preserving authenticity.

Genuine Leaders Are Sincere And Bona Fide

People have the ability of quickly perceiving who is genuine and who isn’t. Some of leaders may seem authentic, although with time they won’t gain their teammates’ trust.

Leaders Are Consistently Growing

Such leaders don’t have an inflexible view on themselves or their responsibilities. This is mostly the case with the authentic leaders since authenticity happens to be the progressive state which facilitates them to advance through different roles, and also grow and learn from their personal experiences.

Based on the circumstances, an authentic leader may choose different styles of communication or leadership. Flexibility is undoubtedly an effective leadership trait particularly if it does not affect your leadership values. All of your decisions should be established on one’s value system, regardless of the situation. Provided your actions tend to be driven by your values, you’ll gain the respect and trust of the members of your team.

You should always bear in mind that satisfaction is a feeling that only lasts for a short term. Life would be perceived as valueless without continuous improvement. However, this does not mean that one should not appreciate their achievements. It simply means that only should appreciate their accomplishments, but at the same time try to perform even better.

Such Kind Of Leaders Aren’t Flawless

Despite the fact the authentic leaders tend to make mistakes once in a while, they are prepared to acknowledge and also from those errors. They are also not afraid of asking advice or help from other people. Genuine leaders aren’t always modest or unassuming. Additionally, they’ve self confidence of leading through the difficult situations and respond to needs of other people.

When everything has always been performed appropriately, we’d have in a way lost the ability of analyzing and improving. Mistakes are clear indications that you’re doing something. Admitting your mistakes doesn’t make you a bad leader. As a matter of fact, acknowledging your mistakes shows that you’re wise and willing to learn something from every experience.

These Leaders Balance Their Context To Their Actions

This happens to be an essential part of the EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). They don’t break out with whatever they’re feeling or thinking at the moment. They analyze the actions they take, understand how they’re being perceived by others and utilize their EQ (Emotional Quotient) so that they can communicate effectively.


There are many theories and definitions that discuss about authentic and efficient leadership. Each and every leader selects their distinct method so as to ensure that they’re successful. In this article, we have highlighted some of the main aspects of an authentic and effective leader which should not be taken lightly. A person who indicates most of these aspects is a clear illustration of an authentic leader.