DIY Vegetable Garden

DIY Vegetable Garden - Bill Lentis Media
There is a surge in popularity for establishing vegetable garden inside the home, because it promotes clean eating and saving money. If someone wants homegrown organic vegetables, and reducing their shopping bill, then a DIY vegetable garden is the perfect thing to do.

Yard Sale Pots For DIY Garden

It is not necessary to get fancy pots for growing vegetables. In fact, people can save a lot of money, when they buy pots from a yard sale. They can also use containers, if they have any at arm’s length, and don’t want to buy anything from the market. In fact, most DIY vegetable garden beginners choose containers to grow plants, as it is an inexpensive method and can be easily controlled by the gardener. Also go and check out the container vegetable gardening – click.

Choosing A Location For Vegetable Garden

As it is a do-it-yourself job, it is best to choose a small location. Starting big would only make things difficult for the gardener, because he has no prior experience in gardening. If the gardener has chosen pots to grow plants, then a limited space won’t be a problem. However, the beginner has to make sure that the drainage facilities are good.

Plants Or Seeds For DIY Vegetable Garden

The next thing to decide for a vegetable garden, is to decide between plants or seeds. Seeds are inexpensive, and they can be purchased from anywhere. Most seeds have instructions on them for the gardener, where he can learn how to plant them, when to sow them and the time for harvesting. As for plants, even though they are expensive, a beginner won’t have to do much on his own. If someone is choosing plants, then it is best to choose strong stems.

As for seeds, some have to be sown directly into the soil. For example, radishes and carrot seeds, have to be sown into the soil; Defonia.

DIY Water For Vegetable Garden

If someone is going to water on their own, and won’t seek the help of a professional gardener, then it is best to learn about proper watering. Not every plant needs to be watered everyday; in fact, some can last without water for weeks. There are less gardeners who employ the hand watering method, and more go for choosing a water nozzle. This is because, a water nozzle can provide water deeper in the soil. However, before watering plants, it is best to pluck out the weeds, so that they don’t fully absorb water.

Pests In The Vegetable Garden

There are bound to be pests in every vegetable garden, who is going to eat away the vegetables the first chance they get. For example, birds would be attracted towards tomatoes, and the squirrels would try to get anything that they can. Even insects will invade the vegetable garden, and will eat the vegetables. For insects, it is best to use organic methods like the garlic pepper tea recipe, which works on most of the pests like asphids. There are other pest killers available in the market as well; Scotts.