Digital Marketing For Beginners

Digital Marketing For Beginners -
This video tells about how a newcomer can start with the digital marketing. This is the essence of the experience of the experts and there is an expert advice in the beginning which says that don’t try all the marketing strategies in one go but start with one of these, master it and then go ahead.

When we look at the consumers perspective, they are wanting to get some information before they buy anything so here the we need to understand that we should be helping them instead of just cold selling. When we get into their lives in order to solve their problems, we get the valuable customers.

So the first strategy is

Blogging but not the simple writing, you need to keep SEO in mind. Try to see what kind of searches people are doing and then write articles accordingly which first give them the knowledge and then come up with your services or products a problem solver. For example, what is the required credit score to buy a house? You can provide this knowledge in the blog and then you can also become a problem solver by offering your real estate related services. Approaching this way creates the trust as people come to know that you are knowledgeable and helpful. When you start coming on the top in the list of Google search results then you will start getting the real and genuine customers.


If you invest in creating the video content that works again wonders. This is the second most affective marketing tool and here also you need to approach the same way which means you need to become the problem solver. People who go to YouTube search engine, they are looking for the answers to their questions. Look for the most searched questions and accordingly make the videos and then solve the problem with your product or service.

Third strategy As there are many social media marketing platforms, it is advisable to focus on one social media marketing platform first and then go to the next one. The second important advice is to see where your potential customers visit the most. Imagine will someone go to Facebook to see the unboxing video of an Iphone?

Fourth Strategy

Forth strategy is paying for the advertisements. You need to see what type of platforms are visited more by your potential customers and invest accordingly. It’s possible that those platforms are costly so here you can also go by your budget and invest on budget friendly platform when your customers may visit. Third part is the commerciality which comes out of the effective content. Hence work on the content well.

Fifth Strategy

Fifth strategy is to work through podcasts. Check this You can either create your own or can get interviewed on someone else’s podcast.

Sixth Strategy

Email marketing is all time effective strategy. From here you get genuine customers who come to you after looking at the emails. Click here Start making your email list from the day one.

Seventh Strategy Community boards like Quora, Facebook etc are the best community channels and you really get genuine customers from there.