Designing Your Emails For Maximum Appeal

Designing Your Emails For Maximum Appeal -


Using email newsletter is an effective way to build and relationship with customers or clients. Your email recipients receive lots of emails from different brands on a daily basis. So your emails need to stand out to get the attention of the recipient. One way to do this is to have a good design. A good design makes your emails stand out from the others. It is important to have good content in your emails but the design catches the eye of the recipient and makes him read your content. You may have good content but without a good design, your recipient will not be attracted to read it.

Getting The Recipient To Want To Read Your Emails

It is easy to send emails to a recipient, but it is not always easy to get him or her to want to read your emails. So you need to do certain things to compel the recipient to open and read all the content of your Emails.

Customize The Layout For Different Devices

Mobile devices are common these days and many people read content on these devices. You need to put this into consideration when designing your emails. The way your emails appear on a desktop or laptop differs from how they will appear on a tablet or smartphone. Your emails should be user and device friendly so that your recipients can read them easily. The design of the layout should be such that it can be viewed on any screen size. Your email should be optimized for mobile devices because many people read emails on their smartphones and tablets. This helps you reach a larger audience. If your emails are only designed for desktop viewing, it will be difficult for mobile users to read your emails.

Always Include A Teaser Paragraph

Your emails should have a teaser paragraph that gives the reader an idea of the information you intend to pass across in the remaining parts of the content. A captivating teaser will make the recipient to read the rest of the article. Because of how important this is, you need to put in some effort to always write a good teaser paragraph. Doing this for all your emails will make the recipient to read your articles every time you send them.

Use A Prominent Call-To-Action (CTA)

Your recipients should have a way of interacting with you. This is what CTA aims to achieve. Your emails should have the CTA positioned at an obvious spot in the article. The CTAs should appear in the first half of the article. Make them prominent by using big buttons and their intent should be obvious. Your CTAs should be unique and there should be clear instructions on what you expect from your email recipients. In most cases, clear and simple instructions will elicit a positive response from the recipients. Never underestimate the importance of CTA because it is crucial to your brand’s success.

Your Branding Should Be Visible

You have as little as 3 seconds to capture the attention of your reader. Therefore, your branding needs to be visible. You should place your brand’s logo at the top of your email as much as possible. A visible logo and mission statement or motto will captivate your recipient and make him or her want to read the content of your email.

Use Subheadings and Readable Font Sizes

Make sure your content is legible. This should be your top priority when choosing fonts. Use basic fonts like Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial. Avoid using many fonts in one email as this can take the attention of the reader away from the message. Use one or two fonts for the whole email and stick with them. Your email should have subheadings and the subheadings should be in one of the two fonts. The size of the subheadings should not be as large as that of your header, but larger than the text you use for articles.

Your font sizes should not be too small. Small font sizes make it difficult for recipients to read your content. This point is very important because if you constantly send emails with unreadable fonts, your recipients may decide to open none of your emails. Always remember your recipients read Emails from different devices. A small font on a desktop or laptop becomes even smaller (or practically unreadable) on a smartphone.

Use Images Carefully

Images can help to pass across your message better. But make sure they don’t take up too much space and can be easily opened especially on mobile devices. Large size images can be frustrating to open on a mobile device. A good way to avoid this problem is to provide a text description for your images in case they cannot be opened. The text description will give the reader an idea of what the image is about.

Personalize Your Content

You should bear the recipient in mind when designing your emails. Even though you send emails to lots of recipients, make your content personal so that each recipient will feel that you are speaking to only him or her. This will make him or her feel you value your relationship and that you care about his or her needs.

Using customization, you can include the recipient’s name and gender in the email. If he or she has bought a product or service from you before, you can use that as a reference in your emails. You can target the recipient’s responses to previous email campaigns.


The way you design your emails will determine if your recipients will read them or not. Apart from having a good writing style, there are other elements that will determine the success of your email campaign. These elements make up the entire design. So you need to design your emails carefully. Using the right elements in the right way will not only make your recipients to read your emails but also to interact with you and give you feedback.