Condos And Off Plan

Condos And Off Plan -
When you are buying a condo and you choose the off plan, then that will give you the chance of deciding your own floor plan. The seller will give you different options, and you will get to choose from different features and upgrades. This will give you the assurance, that you have a condo which has all the things that you want and the finishing of the condo meets your expectations and requirements. If you are buying a condo for a long-term period, then this off plan will surely give you a lot of joy and comfort.

Discounted Price

When you ask for an off plan, while buying a condo, you will be able to benefit from a discount price. When units are done, the prices of such units usually go up, but since you have an off plan and you make the decision of what is going to be made, then this mean you are entering the process early. This helps you get a really good price, but if you have committed towards buying a unit before it has even been developed, then this means that you have to complete the purchase once the foundation of the unit has been set.

This might be problematic for those, who have committed to buying a condo, but suddenly realize that their financial situation is not the same anymore. This could be because they suffered from a loss in their business or lost their job.


Ownership is a major reason as to why you would want condo sales off plan. This plan gives you the ownership of your condo and you also get to benefit from a long settlement. A long settlement would be like a sigh of relief for you, because you are making such a huge investment, and you surely need breathing space.

You don’t have to pay every month, but you can pay once the project is completed. After you have made the payment, you get the ownership of the condo and start a new, happy life there, without any worries and troubles.


You do research before you make a huge investment, right? Then why should it be any different in the case of a condo? Before you buy a condo off plan, you need to conduct necessary research about the developer of the condo, the architect and the other important professional involved in it, like engineers and builders.

You don’t want your complex to be built by people who are not the best in their business. You don’t want builders involved in the building process, who use bad quality material and later, charge a higher price for it. You need to conduct this research, so you don’t have to face any problems in the future and you can make the purchase will full confidence.

For research, apart from using the internet, you should consult other people who have purchased an off plan. You can benefit from their experience and information about good developers and architects.


When you are looking for a home, you make sure that is located close to the place you work and other commercial areas. Similarly, location is also an important element when you are buying condo off plan. You should try to choose an area where you know that if you invest, you will get a good return, which would benefit you in the future.

When you are looking for a good area, then you are most likely to pay more for a single family home, as compared to what you pay for a condo off plan. When the condo is finished, then you would be able to enjoy your investment.


When you buy property, you always buy a contract, which is why you should make sure that the contract doesn’t have clauses that go against you. Always read carefully any document that you sign. You should read every detail in the contract, make sure that everything is understandable and if there is something that is not clear to you, then you should talk to an attorney. An attorney can shed better light on the technical terms that are used in contracts and these terms can be life changing for you.

If you don’t have an attorney, then you should do a little research on your own. Look for a term called “Cooling Off”. The contracts that are given to buyers of off plan include this clause and this clause gives you a time period, within which you can cancel the contract. This can be beneficial in many ways; if you don’t have money, and your cooling off period has not expired, then you can easily change your mind. The reason why this clause is important because it gives you ease of mind, and you wouldn’t land in any sort of trouble. Thus, making sure that your contract has this clause.


Make sure that the planning you have done for the condo is also included in the contract, so the personnel involved in building the condo won’t be able to deny anything. If something is missing when your condo is done and it is mentioned in the contract, then the builders would be left with no choice, but to rectify the situation.

These details in the contract will also be helpful to you, as you know what you’re paying for and the contractor must adhere to the details. It becomes legally binding on them. The other thing that you should double check in the contract is the deposit you have to give, whether you can refund it or not, inclusions, scenario in case of defects and the completion date.

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