Compact Fluorescent Light Fixture

Compact Fluorescent Light Fixture - Bill Lentis Media
Nowadays, everyone ponder upon ways to get the best lighting system so that they can do their work effectively. Many people who want a good lighting system are confused between the choices. They want to know that are Compact Fluorescent Light Fixture better then the conventional bulbs. Let’s have a look their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures As Compared To Conventional Bulbs:

Compact Fluorescent Light Fixture is 300 to 400% more efficient then bulbs. They are very durable; according to a research it has been found out that they have 8 time’s longer life then the usual ones. Typically their life is of 10000 hours as compared to 750 hours of usual ones. These fixtures also have a lower fire risk. The biggest advantage is that is takes up only 20 to 25% of the usual bulbs. They nearly provide the same amount of light by consuming less amount of energy like a 9 Watt compact fluorescent provide lighting of nearly about a 40 Watt conventional bulb. Although they are a bit expensive as compared to normal ones but they are a long-lasting investment rather then a daily useless investment. It also guarantees saving in bills rather then the normal one. It also absorbs ultra violet rays and produces less amount of heat. It also comes in various shapes so that the one who is willing to save place can choose small fixtures. Many companies also provide guarantees to satisfy their consumers. Also go and check out the come up with as many ideas, and play with gleam – article source.

Disadvantages Of Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures As Compared To Conventional Bulbs:

It also has many disadvantages. Firstly on an initial basis they are very much costlier then the normal ones and people are a bit hesitant to buy them. They do not work well in cold weathers in fact it works very dim but hot weathers and heated places it is works very well. It also takes about 15 to 30 sec to reach its maximum brightness. Compact Fluorescent Light Fixture also might not fit in a number of light fixtures. They also can not be used using light dimmers. In the production of these fixtures mercury has been used so when disposing it, it should be kept in mind that it should be handled carefully to avoid contamination. Also go and check out the a through guide and some of the tips to light up the hallway brightly – check this.

Undoubtedly Compact Fluorescent Light Fixtures are the best alternatives of conventional bulbs and its advantages certainly outweigh their disadvantages. In fact the disadvantages are very minor and they should be used. People who have a problem with their bills or have problem with the inappropriate lighting system can opt for these. Guaranty also ensures that they are tested and are indeed of high quality. The savings of energy rise up to 75% when an individual switches from conventional bulbs to these lighting fixtures. Over a life time of 10000 hours it can save up to $31 when using an 18 watt bulb as compared to conventional ones. Thus people who want to make their lives easier and brighter with lights must opt for them. Also go and check out beauty with new lighting – Click Here.