Can Microwave Ovens Be Recycled?

Can Microwave Ovens Be Recycled -
Both televisions and microwave ovens should not be recycled with regular waste. When someone wants to dispose off their microwave oven or television sets, they bring them out on the pavement. They expect that someone is going to pick them, but this is not the correct way to dispose or recycle them. If both things are working in a proper way, and someone still wants to throw them away, they should try to donate them. However, if they are not in working condition, then there are other alternatives.

How To Recycle Old Microwave Oven?

Consumers should know that trash disposal companies will not collect old microwave oven with their regular house trash. Firstly, the consumer has to call their trash disposal company, and ask them about appliance recycling day. They can also look up companies that take old electrical appliances from citizens, and then recycle them. In some communities, there are large dumpsters available for this purpose. The consumer usually has to pay a fee of $3 to $5, for microwave oven disposal. Click here to see how microwave broccoli.

If the consumer’s microwave oven is slightly damaged, and they don’t want to get it repaired, then they can call a used appliance business. These businesses take appliances from consumers at a small price, repair, clean and resell them for profit; HomeGuides.

If consumers feel that their microwave is working, then they can donate it to the Salvation Army. Most microwave last longer than a few years, and sometimes, consumers want to invest in new technology. They might look for a buyer or someone, who would recycle the oven for them. If consumers adopt these ways, then old microwave ovens will be recycled, and they won’t end up in landfills.

There are some retailers who would recycle electronics for the consumers, like Best Buy. If there is such a retailer in the area, then consumers should definitely contact them. This way, they will be able to get rid of the hassle of recycling or looking for someone to recycle; Hunker.

Where Can I Recycle Microwave Oven?

There are several places where consumers with older microwave ovens can go for recycling. Consumer Technology Association encourages customers to take part in the recycling movement. They provide customers with tools, using which they can live a greener life. If people make smart technology choices, then they can be environmentally responsible.

There is an online database called Earth 911, which helps consumers look for recycling solutions near them. All a consumer has to do, is visit the website, look for the kind of recycling they want and enter their zip code. The website has comprehensive categories like automotive, batteries, construction, electronics and glass. If there is a recycling service nearby, for recycling old microwave oven, then this website will surely inform them; LiveGreen.

If the consumer feels that they don’t have to recycle their microwave oven just yet, then they can always look for microwave parts. On the website,, consumers can type in the model number of their microwave, and the search engine will inform the consumer about the nearby places.