Camping Without Electricity: What You Need To Know

Camping Without Electricity - What You Need To Know - BillLentis
Electricity today has become part and parcel of our day to day lives. From powering up our phones, tablet, our homes and it can be said that electricity has powered up our lives. Going without electricity for a day or two may seem like a night mare to many. Though this is the case, the benefits of staying away from our gadgets and simply enjoy the outdoors are enormous. The big question however is; how do you survive without electricity?

Camping is for the adventurous soul and by virtue of you reading this, chances are quite high that you are wild at heart and would be up to the challenge of enjoying the outdoors on a camping trip. We well know that with modern day advances, it is possible to enjoy electricity at your camping site. From having a small generator to help you have some electricity on your camping trip to embracing solar power, there are many ways of going around having electricity at your camp site. In as much as this is the case, the only difference from being at home is maybe the bugs at night and the sky above you. If you are looking for that adventure that the real outdoors has to offer, you have to camp without electricity.

What Does Going Without Electricity Mean

By going without electricity on your camping trip, you will be doing it the good old fashion way. This has huge benefits for you, in terms of health and temperament. According to studies, it has been shown that camping helps with your physical health and also helps in handling stress. This would sound a little obvious but by walking down that nature trail, and being in contact with nature you get to enjoy a healthy dose of vitamin D especially on those sunny days. Walking further is also another form of exercise, helping you burn down some calories. Have you ever noticed that while you are in the outdoors that you have a much better mood? This is the therapeutic nature that just being near plants has to offer.

The Action Plan

Having electricity on your camping trip may be a distraction to you and this may hinder you from enjoying all that nature has to offer. For you to enjoy all that nature has to offer without electricity, there are some things that you need to make sure you do.

Packing is perhaps the most important aspect to help you embark on your camping trip. If you are going for a hiking expedition, then the best thing is to pack only the essentials leaving behind the fancy extras. This calls for you to be familiar with your gear, make sure that you know how they work, from the tent to the lantern and the stoves. You need to make sure that they work properly and you indeed know how to make them work. Having a checklist is perhaps the best way of making sure that you don’t miss out on anything. This will help you organize your gear well and also determine how well you enjoy your stay in the outdoors.

Before embarking on any camping trip, you need to do your research on the campsite. You can take a first time trip to the area just to get a feel of how the area is like and what to expect from the area. By doing this, you are setting up yourself well to know what you will need on your trip to the campsite. This is one crucial step that you should never overlook, and do your due diligence beforehand to avoid missing out on things that may compromise how well you enjoy your camping trip.

Other than planning and doing your packing properly, there are other things that you need to take into consideration. As you might be well aware, being without electricity may be boring. Not being able to charge your phone for hours, or even use electricity to access the internet from your tablet. This therefore calls for you to be creative. Chances are likely that you are not camping alone and perhaps the best way of entertaining yourselves, especially at night is to bring with you a number of instruments for you and your buddies and have a sing along around the campfire. Another way of entertaining yourself without electricity is by playing games and there are many games that will help you in this regard. Top on the list is having cards with you, a good game of cards goes a long way in ensuring that you enjoy yourselves in the night around the campfire. To top it all off, everyone has a story and this would be an ideal time to share stories with your friends and family around the camp fire.

Without going any further, you should have noticed that campfires feature majorly in camping. Especially without electricity, campfires other than providing you with much needed warmth through the night, it acts as a source of light and a deterrent against animals. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to start a campfire, this can be very important especially during those cold nights. Learn how to start a campfire from scratch and also learn how to keep it ablaze for as long as you need during the night. Being without electricity at the campsite will call for you to have good quality flashlights. This will be valuable during your stay at the night. Make sure that you also carry a spare one with extra batteries just to be on the safe side.


Not having electricity on your camping trip is a good thing as this way you not only get to connect with nature, you also get to connect with your friends and family that are with you on the camping trip. Make sure that you adhere to the outlined tips and you can be confident of having a great time camping in the outdoors without electricity.