Best Way Of Making Money Through Blogging

Best Way Of Making Money Through Blogging -



In this article, we will have a look at the various you can use a blogging site to earn extra income. Most people are aspiring to get rich via their bogging site, though the disappointing fact is that very few individuals are currently able to earn anything at all which results to a lot of disappointment. I am interested in offering you some assistance through a few points of how you can convert the blogging into a business.

Monetize With CPM Or CPC Advertisements

Another way that you can make money via blogging is by advertising. This is currently the most well known way. Therefore, when you advertise brands or services of another business on your site, they will pay for it. The best thing with this method is that it can turn out to be very profitable. There are 2 common types of advertisements through blogs namely CPM (Cost/thousand impressions) and CPC (Cost/ click). CPM advertisements refers to the ones that the business owners pay a certain fixed money amount depending on the number of people that have viewed their advertisement through your site. The CPC ads mostly refer to the banners that are placed either in the sidebar or your content by you as the owner of the blogging site such that every time the reader clicks on that advertisement, you will be paid per that click. Once your established your blogging site and the number of your followers have increased up to an outstanding level, you may consider using various services such as Google AdSense, which is currently the most popular program for placing such type of advertisements. This program simply allows you to place the advertisement banner on the site then Google selects the advertisements that are relevant to the content your posted and your visitors click on the advertisements. There are also many programs that you can alternatively use instead of Google AdSense like, Chitika and Infolinks. The best thing with these programs is that you don’t even have to contact the advertisers directly.

Selling Private Advertisements

First and foremost, it is worth noting that content happens to be the most essential part of the blog and should be interesting and original; something that draws the attention of your readers and aspires them to visit the site again. Additionally, you must pay exceptional attention to the subheadings and headline of your content. They should contain at least five or six words and attempt to make them standout. This makes people have interest in knowing what the content is talking about.

You then have to select the niche topic you’ll be writing on and stick to it. Ensure that you conduct thorough research on the topics and avoid mixing the topics you choose. Be very accurate when you’re writing in order to avoid giving your audiences irrelevant content. You must also ensure that you regularly post or share fresh content so as to keep the readers interested in your content which will ensure that they visit your site again in search of more content. Additionally, this increases the traffic of new visitors into your site.

Once you have generated enough traffic to your site, you can choose to personally contact the advertisers directly. You may even be lucky enough and get advertisers contacting you directly inquiring if you can place their advertisements on your website. The main difference between directly contacting the advertisers and using advertising networks is that you are able to eliminate the middleman meaning you can develop your own rates of advertisements.

Selling private advertisements may be in form of links, buttons or banners. Additionally, you can make money by writing sponsored content whereby you either offer the review of the advertiser’s product or write about their services or products. You can also write you content on any topic but mention the brand or products of the advertiser somewhere in the content.

Include The Affiliate Links Within The Content

Another tool that you can utilize to monetize your blogs is through affiliate marketing. This is whereby advertisers, who have products or brands they want to sell, agrees to offer you a certain commission for every purchase made through your site. These advertisers offer you a certain unique link which keeps track of your affiliate code so that they can determine when link on your site have been used to make purchase of a product. You can chose to include these affiliate links directly by placing them in your web content or via the banner advertisements. Once the visitors of your site click on that link a makes purchase on the products or brands your recommended, you get a certain percentage out of the products purchased.


The other you way can earn money by blogging is selling your services or work being a freelancer. This may be really east or hard based on the topics you write on or how good you’re at the services you’re offering. Currently, there are many sites on the internet that offer rewards or payments for your blog posts or articles. The amount offered tends to differ from one site to the other. Some of the largest sites that you can use in order to make money through your blogging services include or The best thing with selling your work through these sites is the fact that you develop a good reputation by offering satisfying services to your customers. Additionally, the number of the offers that you receive for offering the services increases.

Digital Products

Apart from advertising products of other people on your blogging site, you can choose to sell the digital products which include various items such as online courses, eBooks, apps, videos, plug-ins or even music which people can utilize in their web content.


Those are just bet a few of the various ways which you can utilize in order to make money through blogging. You can select either one of them and you will certainly find it helpful if you apply it accordingly.