Boston town is the most famous municipality and the capital of Massachusetts in USA and covers approximately 124km2 land areas with a population of more than six hundred and eighty five thousand. With many historical attractions such as Paul Revere and Faneuil Hall, impressive museums, amazing public parks such as Public Garden and Boston Common and various sport activities, Boston has many things to offer its guests. Being located near the seashore, seafood is very popular in Boston, but do not ignore the steakhouses in this town or else you will really miss an opportunity to taste some of the best delicious steaks in the world. These steakhouses are situated in some of the best neighborhoods in Boston and are highly priced, though what you will experience is definitely worth the money. Many locals and worldwide celebrities visit these popular steakhouses only to taste a piece of meat that has been prepared to perfection. Majority of these steakhouses are situated in 2 areas, although there are others which are strategically scattered around the town to make sure that you can easily access a steakhouse from any part of the town.

The neighborhood of Back Bay has developed into popular steakhouses spot over the years with a variety of them located in this region such as Grill 23, Abe & Louie’s and Capital Grille. Most of these dimly lit scenes offer other side dishes which inclusive of the steaks will make you feel craving for more until you are completely satisfied. In the seaport district of Boston, Waterfront, you will find a share of some top spots for steaks which all serve sensational dishes either indoors or outdoors with scenic views within and beyond the town. Some of the steakhouses in Waterfront include Del Frisco and Smith & Wollensky. In this article we will have a look at some of the best steakhouses that you should certainly try once you visit Boston. Go here –

Best Steakhouses In Boston

Best Steakhouses In Boston -

#1 Abe and Louie’s

Abe and Louie’s steakhouse in Boston was opened in the year 1965 and has been the landmark of the east coast of Back Bay for many years. This restaurant was named by Charles Sarkis after his father, Abraham Sarkis, and a good friend of his father. Later, the restaurant became part of the Restaurant collection of Tavistock although it retains the feeling of being a family owned business. There another Abe and Louie’s restaurant located in the city of Boca Raton, Florida. The restaurant in Boston has real steakhouse interior decorations with leather, rich colors, marble accents, brass and mahogany, making it upscale though comfortable. Steaks is one of their servings on the menu although other dishes such as Delmonico, filet mignon, rib eye and the prime aged porter house are also include. Additionally, there are delicious pork chops, lamb chops, veal chops and so much more. Their side dishes are sharable and may even include vegetable although they are seasonal. There is also an impressive raw bar which features beers, cocktails and even the list of the awarding winning wines. You can sample the selection that is being served at their raw bar. You can enjoy their brunch, particularly their Eggs Benedict which are served with crab cake, breakfast potatoes, lobster and filet mignon. Website –

Abs and Louie's - Boston, MA, - Bill Lentis Media

#2 Del Frisco Steakhouse

This steakhouse is situated in the Seaport District on liberty wharf region, Boston and is arguably the best place that you can dine while in this town, particularly during the warmer months. It offers outdoor dining in waterfront on their patio which is made up of glass ensuring it is comfortable when the wind is blowing. The steaks of Del Frisco’s tend to be charred from the outside and perfect in the inside. Their service is also incredible. Additionally, they offer seafood and have a great circular bar that offers various brands of wine. Their primary dining room has private rooms and deep booths which makes this restaurant the excellent place you can have your dinner while in Boston. Their interior decorations are modern and have an art collection that is designed to ensure that you have an impressive steakhouse experience. Website –

#3 Fleming’s Steakhouse

Fleming’s Steakhouse in Boston is situated in the outer parts of the Theater District close to the Fenway Park, State House and Financial District. It is the perfect restaurant if you are on a night out with some friends, celebrating or even dining while discussing business with clients. This steakhouse has an excellent atmosphere created from their menu that has favorites plus local dishes which seasonally changes mainly from the inspiration of their ingredients. They also have an ever-open bar with various options of local wines, spirits and even handcrafted cocktails. Website –

Fleming’s broils their streaks at a temperature of 1600°C and serves them while they are still hot making it their steaks unique from those offered by other steakhouses in this region. They also include entrees of various sizes ranging from 8oz fillet mignon up to the 22oz bone ribeye. You can select any appetite size that you prefer at Fleming’s. The side dishes accompanying the steaks are professionally served and prepared in portions that can be shared among a group of people making it the most suitable steakhouse for holding a feast. The favorite dishes of this steakhouse include fillet rubbed with porcini and anything that is topped with caviar and béarnaise sauce and their Truffled lobster. Additionally, there is their trio that is made up of 3 steaks spread that is; carbernet mustard, bacon jam with sweet onion and mascarporne and gorgonzola brulee.

#4 Mooo…

Mooo steakhouse was established in the 2007 by Chef J Mammano is situated in the neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston near the Beacon XV hotel. Before opening this restaurant, Chef Mammano J was popular in the Boston restaurant for ten years. Mooo specializes in offering the best steaks which are classically served with a certain modern twist. The interior decorations of this steakhouse are modern and warm, making it somehow complicated although very relaxing. There is a stocked bar with various drinks that attract a lot of people within this steakhouse. The large extensive wine cellar at the lower level has a private dining space which can accommodate up to eighty seats. Additionally, visitors can attend the private parties at the Beacon XV hotel which go up to twelve noon. The menu of Mooo steakhouse offers a wide variety of special appetizers such as Steak Tartare, Ribeye Meatballs which are dry aged, Beef roasted marrow bones, Japanese Beef dumplings and Painted beef carpaccio. Their steaks are splendid with some being quite large. In this steakhouse, you can either order a twenty two ounces grain & the grass feed bone-in-rib-eye or the twenty four ounces porterhouse. You can also enjoy lunch or breakfast at this steakhouse not forgetting their amazing Sunday brunch. Website –

#5 Capital Grille

Capital Grille is a chain of Steak houses restaurants in America that specializes in offering steaks and is owned by the Darden Restaurants. The initial Capital Grille restaurant was established in the year 1990 in Rhode Island by it founder Ned Grace. The experience that you will gather from this classic steakhouse in the neighborhood of Back Bay will be memorable. This is a reasonable explanation why international celebrities flock in this restaurant for meal. Their food is ever amazing and the scene of this restaurant is in style. You will definitely love their steaks which are always perfectly prepared. Being located in Boylston Street makes dining in this restaurant become a memorable Boston experience. Since they service hours include dinner and lunch, you can simply get a meal in this restaurant during the day when you are exploring Boston town. Website –

The menu contains mouthwatering dishes such as fillet steaks, lobster tail and tenderloin which are mostly the specials offers you expect to get from these restaurants. You can also order some nicely cooked coconut pie, brulee dessert and crème brulee. They have a creative bar that offers classical and seasonal cocktails and a wide selection of the draught and local beers plus a mix of fine wines. From their bar you can get coffee martini, champagne or even port wine. Some of the perfect drinks that are served in Capital Grille include chocolate frappe, rose tea and espresso. This spot is also spacious and the visitors can celebrate various occasions such as birthday, anniversary or even a wedding party. Their energetic and hard working staff remains positive to ensure that this place is really great. This place offers fabulous service and you should consider checking it out once you visit Boston. According to the opinions of visitors who have tried this restaurant, their prices are budget friendly. Additionally, you will enjoy the atmosphere and the divine interior decorations of this place.

#6 Smith and Wollensky

There are many high end Smith and Wollensky steakhouses that are situated in various locations with the United States. There are 2 in Boston and others in Columbus, Miami Beach, Houston, Las Vegas and Chicago. There is also another one that was established in London. The very first restaurant of Smith and Wollensky was established in the year 1977 by its founder Alan Stillman. Most of these steakhouses have wooden exteriors and its white and green colors trademark. Each of these steakhouses operates with menus that slightly vary from one another. One of the steak house in Boston is located in Atlantic Wharf overlooking the historic Fort of Point Channel. During warmer months in Boston, the scene of outdoor dining is bustling when the diners can seat just for drinks or dinner at the outdoor back of the restaurant glancing at the waterfront views. Their menu includes various dishes such as premium seafood and prime steaks that are dry aged. They bar offers various drinks such as an extensive list of cock tails and the award-winning fine wines. This spot is also very suited for a special dinner or business lunch. You can enjoy the coffee cocoa which is rubbed with rubbed filet or their favorites which are dry aged such as the rib-eye. Additionally, you can request the family sliced steak which you can share or even utilize their appetizers such as crab cake and mussels. Website –

#7 Strip By Strega

This restaurant was established in the year 2000 by Varano Group with the grand opening that included various live acts and celebrities. It is situated in the Park Plaza, Boston in the neighborhood of Back Bay. This restaurant offers some of the most amazing experiences regarding steakhouses in Boston to its visitors. You will various pictures of certain celebrity guests lined on the walls, not forgetting that fact that there is an authentic sophisticated air within this restaurant. Their steaks are remarkable with everything ranging from Delmonico to the 10 ounces dry-aged Kansas City sirloin. They also serve amazing seafood such as three pound lobster and Sea Bass. The menu contains unique side dishes such as brussel sprouts served with lobster gnocchi, cheese and crispy pancetta, plus risotto fungi. Other items that are featured in the menu include Italian flair such as Bolognese served with Wagyu and veal and the pork Milanese. Website –

#8 Grill 23 & Bar

It was established in the year 1983. It is situated at Back Bay, 161 Berkeley Street, Boston Massachusetts 02116, United States. It has been awarded the Best Steak house in Boston for three consecutive years (2016-2018). On Sunday to Thursday, it opens from 1730 hours till 2230 hours. On Friday it opens at 1730 hours till 2300 hours while on Saturday it opens at 1700 hours till 2300 hours. It is renowned for warm hospitality and outstanding service. Its menu includes world-class wine collection, decadent desserts, New-England Seafood, seasonal produce and Brandt beef. Brandt Beef raises maize-fed cattle with no use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Grill 23 & bar is home to Boston’s best steak. Its steak is crusty, salty and buttery. The ten-ounce Kobe cap steak and the eighteen ounce, hundred-day dry-aged rib-eye are the best among the best steaks. The Kobe cap steak is from Brandt Beef. It has an almost buttery unique taste. For individuals who rarely appreciate an all-meat meal, creamed spinach is available. The rib-eye steak is tender, crispy and just the right amount of salt sprinkled on it. The 2013 Editor’s Choice Award for best Steak house in Boston was given to Grill 23. Website –

#9 Boston Chops

It was opened in 2013 in South End Boston. At first it was located at the building of Penny Savings Bank. It’s in 1375 Washington Street in Boston. It opened a second branch in 2018, in Downtown Crossing, 52 Temple Place, Boston. It is a casual, woody, upscale steakhouse with nose-to-tail specialties in an urban, modern environment, classic sides and turf and surf with impeccable service. The Downtown branch is the perfect place for a late night steak. It opens at 11.00 am and closes at 1.00 am from Monday to Thursday, while opening at 11.00 am till 2.00 am for Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, it opens at 4.00 pm and closes at 2.00 am. For the South End branch, Sunday to Thursday, it opens at 5.00 pm till 10 pm. For Friday it opens at 5 pm and closes at 11 pm, while on Saturday and Sunday it opens at 10 am and closes at 3pm. A perfect place for early dinner. Its décor is made up of leather banquettes, rich wood tones, and gallery lighting and exposed bricks. It not only offers the finest meat cuts, but also fresh seafood that is served by friendly and professional waits staff. For seafood obsession, there is a raw bar to quench the obsession. The menu include grilled hanger steak, skirt steak, prime bone in rib-eye containing herb sachet and confit garlic, Chateaubriand serving two, tenderloin butcher cut and flat iron steak. There is a wide collection of salads, appetizers, desserts and generous sides. Across the street is Valet Parking from 5 pm at a fee. Self-Parking is at Lafayette Garage, first Avenue de Lafayette. Website –

#10 The Bancroft

It is a 2-tiered outlet such that crafted cocktails are sipped at a huge room with several places to dine and drink and choice cuts that are carefully seared. It was established in the year 2014. It is located in Burlington Massachusetts, 15 Grand Avenue. It is a suburban restaurant that blends the classic steakhouse in America with urban sensibility for dynamic dining in Burlington. It has an incredible wine list, handcrafted cocktails, hospitable service and the best, finest steaks. There are classic starters such as creamy chowder with house-smoked bacon and home-made crackers, seafood tower and jumbo lump crab cake that is served over the spicy remoulade drizzle. There are well-curated lineup steaks which include Prime New York Sirloin, 28-day Prime aged rib-eye, Prime steak au Poivre and Prime T-bone steak. The details include cuts seasoned by house-made flavored salts and polenta cakes that have shapes of little cows accompanying every steak. For individuals who love pairing meat with vegetables, creamed spinach is available. For people with meat obsession, the Tomahawk steak is their ultimate go to. There also is Skirt steak that has a smaller size but contains a lot of flavor. The dessert is different each and every month. It includes a sundae or Blackout Chocolate Cake. Website –

#11 Bogie’s Place

It is a sixteen seat chophouse located inside jm Curley, which is among Boston’s greatest bars. It was established in 2012. It is situated at 21 Temple Pl, Downtown Crossing, Boston. It offers old-fashioned libations and select steaks in a reservation-only space. It is at the back of the bar and one ducks behind a red velvet curtained doorway. There is a sign statin clearly adults-only, no phone use. It is a rarefied and civilized dining room which feels as if it’s a private club. It is a dreamy eatery doling out a cavier service, classic cocktails, wedge salad and steak cuts such as foie gras butter and bone marrow. The beverage list is twenty white and twenty red wines, a compelling and enormous beer list and perfectly crafted cocktails. Website –

#12 Morton’s Steakhouse

Morton’s was established on February 17th 1978 by Klaus Fritsch and Arnold J. Morton, in Chicago, Illinois. Currently it has seventy three branches in the United States of America. It is found in Seaport district, a walk from the World Trade Center of Boston. It’s at 2 Seaport lane, Boston. It is the ultimate location for the diners not necessarily looking for seafood, but a seaside atmosphere. It features a hearty fare, classic generous servings of quality beef, fresh fish, chicken entrees and lobster. It is referred to as favorite of the mid-westerners as they claim it’s close to what they grew up on. Here steak is served in style. Diners enjoy a taste of a wide collection of wines, succulent seafood, elegant desserts, signature chophouse sides and prime-aged beef. The menu includes a house specialty of 24-ounce porterhouse, twelve ounce filet that is double cut and sixteen ounce New York strip. The bar operates from 11.30 am to 11 pm from Monday to Friday. Opens at 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday, closing at 11 pm on Saturday but for Sunday it closes at 10 pm. The dining room opens at 11.30 am and closes at 11 pm from Monday to Friday. On Saturday it operates from 5.30pm till 11 pm while on Sunday it runs from 5.00pm till 10.00 pm. Website –

#13 Conclusion

The largest agriculture in United States is production of beef. By 1956, in the USA, beef steak made up almost twenty four percent of all the retail beef. The United States has quite a high number of steakhouses. It’s possible to pan-fry steak but it is mostly grilled. Grilling aims at replicating steak flavor for steak that has been cooked over glowing charcoal of open fire. Steak can be minced and made into patties or cooked in the sauce. From one country to another, beef cuts are different due to the different ways of cutting the carcass. Steak contains heme iron that’s easily absorbed by the body. It also contains Vitamin B12 that assists in keeping erythrocytes and nerves healthy and also is used in DNA formation. Zinc in Red meat ensures proper working of the Immune system. The proteins are important for formation of muscles and bones.