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Razer Always Makes Great Headsets.
Now We’re Here to Rank Them For You…

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Looking for a brand new gaming headset for [sc name=”YEAR”] and want to know that you have nailed it in terms of quality and features?

We thought so.

Today, we’re going to be deep-diving into the very best Razer headsets on the market, really digging into everything this company has to offer for casual and serious gamers alike.

I’ll include a short list of both pros and cons for each of these gaming headsets, as well as my initial impressions and experiences with each of them.

In addition, I’ll let you know important headphone specifications in a straightforward, no-nonsense format, including:

Lots more…

Thanks for joining me as we look through some of the best headsets on the market today.

There’s nothing quite like putting on a new headset, immersing yourself in the world of your favorite game.

Maybe you’re competing in a high-stakes CS:GO match, relying on in-game sounds to keep you aware of the map.

Or maybe you’re chilling with friends, immersing yourself in a friendly League match.

Whatever the case may be…… your gaming headset plays an integral role in the quality of your experience.

Best Razer Headset Review - BillLentis.com
Razer has been designing and manufacturing excellent gaming headsets for many years at this point, and they’ve established themselves as something of a household name around the industry.

While you can spend about as much money as you want on a headset, this company is known for its solid build and sound quality that places their headsets in that sweet spot between quality and affordability.

It’s those exact features that have allowed them to dig out a niche in the gaming community, and which has brought them continued success over the years.

They’re certainly one of my favorite brands, and I’m happy with pretty much everything they put out.

But there’ll be plenty more on all that later.

For now, let’s look at some headsets!

10 Best Razer Headsets RATED

ModelPriceBestOverall Score
1 – Razer Kraken
Razer Kraken Gaming Headset -- BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Gaming Headset88
2 – Razer Nari Ultimate
Razer Nari Ultimate - BillLentis Media
Check Amazon's PriceBest Value Headset86
3 – Razer Kraken X USB
Razer Kraken X USB - BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest USB – Our Pick80
4 – Razer Kraken 7.1
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Headset BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Wired Headset84
5 – Razer Blackshark
Razer Blackshark - BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Headset For PS484
6 – Razer Kitty Edition
Razer Kitty Edition w/Ears BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Pink Gaming Headset80
7 – Razer Thresher
Razer Thresher - BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Wireless Headset For PS474
8 – Razer D.Va Headset
Razer D.Va Headset - BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Analog Gaming Headset80
9 – Kraken Ultimate
Kraken Ultimate - BillLentis.com
Check Amazon's PriceBest Noise Cancelling Headset82

1 – Best Razer Gaming Headset – Editor’s Choice

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset

Razer Kraken Gaming Headset -- BillLentis.com
Value for Money10
Ease of Use9
Audio Quality7
Total Score44
Overall Score /10088
AudioStereo Surround Sound
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.7 lbs
Pros-Excellent price point
-Durable, yet lightweight construction
-Very comfortable
Cons-Some issues with audio controls
-No wireless capabilities or noise cancellation
Bottom LineAn excellent and budget-friendly pair of headphones. Great for beginners and experienced gamers alike.


In many ways, the Kraken headphones are exactly what I love best about Razer’s products. They’re sturdy, cheap, reliable and of much better quality than they have any right to be, especially given their low price point.

I’ve had headphones that land all over the price gradient, from cheap earbuds to $200+ cans. And you certainly feel like you’re falling into that second camp with the Razer Krakens.

I was frankly amazed at how little they ended up costing, especially given their excellent performance.

To start, their microphone is stupid-good.

No headphones that cost this much deserve to have an active voice-isolating retractable mic. However, that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Kraken.

And it’s… pretty darn good.

From my trials, there weren’t any serious issues with static or feedback, and I was coming through loud and clear on the comms to the rest of the team.

On the other end, the receiving audio quality is just okay.

It’s nothing to write home about, given that there isn’t any active noise canceling gear, but the headphones have a tight enough seal that there isn’t much ambient noise that penetrates.

Finally, as for the physical – the headphones sit comfortably on your ears for long periods (I clocked 4-5 hours without any pinching) and they’re sturdy without being heavy, never creating a noticeable burden on your ears or neck.

Overall, these headphones are excellent, and easily one of the best pairs on the market, regardless of their price point.

Given that they’re also really affordable, you’ve got a clear frontrunner for our Editor’s Choice.

2 – Best Razer Headset For Money – Best Value Award

Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate - BillLentis Media
Value for Money10
Ease of Use8
Audio Quality7
Total Score43
Overall Score /10086
ConnectionWireless, wired
AudioTHX Spatial Audio
Driver Size50mm
Pros-Excellent noise cancellation
-Great overall inbound sound quality
-Good price for excellent quality
Cons-Poor mic quality
-Some initial software bugs
Bottom LineA more expensive headset, complete with advanced features and a cushy user experience


The Nari Ultimates are certainly a step up in price from the previous headset, and I was curious to see if they would come through with enough new features and improved quality to justify the price bump.

So what did I find?

Well, to begin with, the Nari is a “better” (but more expensive) pair of headphones than the Kraken.

To start, they’re very, very wearable.

After a prolonged trial, there was absolutely no pinching, thanks to some spectacular cushioning on the inside of the individual earpads.

It was also clear, after a few hours, that Razer had put some serious thought into preventing overheating, as this is the biggest issue that arises from over cushioned headphones.

Unfortunately, the sound quality was where this pair suffered, and the factor that robbed them of our Editor’s Choice award.

The incoming sound quality was excellent, crisp and complete with some of the best noise cancellation I’ve ever had.

However, the outgoing audio was another story. Due to a prevalent issue with the software, sounds picked up from my mic came through garbled and sharp, leading to potential comms issues, particularly during team games.

At the end of the day, these headphones come with everything you need for a heightened gaming experience. There are plenty of add-ons and features I haven’t yet mentioned, from a sweet charging stand to next-level haptics.

All of these take these headphones into the upper echelon of gaming headsets, without breaking the bank in the process.

3 – Best USB Ultralight Gaming Headset – Top Pick

Razer Kraken X USB

Razer Kraken X USB - BillLentis.com
Value for Money8
Ease of Use10
Audio Quality7
Total Score40
Overall Score /10080
AudioStereo Surround Sound
Driver Size40mm
Pros-Very lightweight
-Solid microphone quality
Cons-Cheaper plastic construction
-Weaker incoming sound quality
Bottom LineA solid started headset, with extremely beginner-friendly setup and control schemes.


In many ways, the Kraken X USB headset is the exact opposite of the Nari.

Where the Nari was heavy, expensive and full of excellent quality-of-life features (so many that the control scheme could become baffling at times), the X USB is almost elegantly spare.

The first thing that I noticed when I put this headset on was just how lightweight it really was. Yes, I know that it’s in the name, but this headset is so light and comfortable that I literally forgot it was on my head.

Unfortunately…… this lightness comes at a cost – durability. Whereas the original Kraken headset is built with solid aluminum construction, this headset went the plastic route.

And though the lack of durability may just be an illusion, I personally always prefer heavier-duty materials in my headsets. The Kraken X USB cost about the same as the original Kraken, which gives me an easy point of comparison. Overall, I preferred the original Kraken design, though this version certainly comes with its benefits.

For instance…… this headset has an amazingly simple user interface – something I wish other headsets leaned into more. For the beginner gamer who doesn’t want to be bothered with an extensive control scheme, this is certainly a blessing in disguise.

Likewise, the headphones are also reasonably comfortable, matching up evenly with the original Kraken in this regard.

Overall…… this is the go-to headset for any new or budget gamers, giving them a taste of solid quality without a confusing control scheme or a crazy price tag attached.

4 – Best Kraken Headset

Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Headset

Value for Money7
Ease of Use9
Audio Quality10
Total Score42
Overall Score /10084
AudioRazar Synapse
Driver Size40mm
Pros-Excellent incoming and outgoing sound quality
-Solid noise cancellation
-Good balance of weight and durability
Cons-Poor workmanship leads to durability issues
-Some pinching on the ears and head
Bottom Line-A solid pair of headphones, well-balanced and good for moderate gamers.


We’ve reviewed a couple of Kraken’s already today, and I was initially worried a few of these would get caught in the mix.

Luckily…… each headset has its distinct appeal, and the 7.1 Chroma is no different.

Put simply…… this headset is a somewhat more expensive version of the two Krakens that we’ve looked at already, and with that heightened price tag comes some great features and better workmanship.

First off…… all of the issues with mic quality which I had mentioned for the Kraken X USB have been rectified – both incoming and outgoing audio is crisp and clear with this headset, and clearly superior to either of the other two Krakens.

This headset also has active noise canceling hardware, which works well enough. There’s relatively little residual feedback when active, and I had a more immersive experience with this headset than with the other two models.

Countering that immersion, though, this headset is also a little heavier, than the other two models, and no longer rests effortlessly on your head.

Unfortunately, this weight can be felt even more, given subpar padding and a tight band that can create some pinching over long periods. Us gamers are used to wearing headsets for hours on end, so this is not an insignificant issue.

Overall…… these headphones were solid, but weren’t really giving me any convincing reasons to shell out the extra cash over the original Kraken.

5 – Best Razer Headset For PS4

Razer Blackshark

Razer Blackshark - BillLentis.com
Value for Money9
Ease of Use9
Audio Quality7
Total Score42
Overall Score /10084
AudioTHX Spatial Audio
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.57 lbs
Pros-Very comfortable on the head
-Excellent mic quality
-Solid price point
Cons-Sound isolation isn’t great
-No retractable mic
-Counterintuitive volume control
Bottom Line-An excellent headset for console gaming – particularly the PS4


Console gaming (rightfully) falls into its own category, and the folks using a classic controller/TV setup tend to have their own preferences for headsets as well.

See…… a lot goes into ensuring that in-game audio translates smoothly from your console to your headset, and headsets that perform well on PC setups don’t always translate those results to the console side of things.

I’m not going to pretend I understand everything that determines whether a headset performs on a PC vs. a console like the PS4, but there are certain internal factors that determine whether you’re dropping quality on one or the other while you play.

Anyway, long story short, the Blackshark is an excellent headset for console users – particularly those who favor the PS4 (and, probably, the PS5 as well).

First and foremost…… this headset is incredibly comfortable.

It comes with just the right amount of padding, where you remain cushioned and comfortable throughout your session, but aren’t overheating from all the extra padding.

The headset is also pretty light, and its design ergonomics are solid enough where you don’t really notice it during your session.

The only issues I had with this headset was a drop-off in bass registration which messed with some in-game sound effects, and some quality-of-life issues like the non-retractable mic and a volume knob that seems to turn the wrong direction.

Best Pink Gaming Headset

Razer Kitty Edition w/ Ears

Razer Kitty Edition w/Ears BillLentis.com
Value for Money6
Ease of Use9
Audio Quality7
Total Score40
Overall Score /10080
AudioTHX Spatial Audio
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.7 lbs
Pros-Lightweight, but solid construction
-Very comfortable
-Upgraded mic
Cons-Costs more than it should
-Same issues as the Razer Kraken headset
Bottom Line-A cute and costly upgrade for an otherwise excellent pair of headphones


In all honesty, there isn’t much to say about the Kitty Edition, as all of its features and specs are the same as the original Kraken headset, besides some completely cosmetic upgrades and a significantly improved mic.

There’s also a significant bump in price, with the Kitty Edition costing over twice the price of the original Kraken.

So is it justified?

It’s hard for me to say so. The Kitty Edition comes with its trademark cat ears, as well as led (Chroma RGB) lighting on the sides. For those who are into that sort of thing, the cosmetics alone might be worth the bump in price.

But this headset also fixes some of the mic issues present in the original model, favoring the upgraded THX audio that’s available in headsets like the Nari.

This mic cuts down on background noises and has great voice-isolating technology for crisper comms during online gaming.

But, for me at least, this isn’t a good reason for paying so much more.

The truth is…… you can get a pink version of the original Kraken, which is a great headset on its own. And there’s always the option of buying attachable cat ears at a fraction of the price.

7 – Best Razer Wireless Headset For PS4

Razer Thresher

Razer Thresher - BillLentis.com
Value for Money7
Ease of Use7
Audio Quality9
Total Score40
Overall Score /10080
AudioStereo Surround Sound
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.89 lbs
Pros-Excellent build quality
-Excellent audio quality and sound separation
-Very comfortable overall
Cons-Bizarre mic design quirks
-Fairly expensive for what you get
Bottom LineA luxurious (but still great) option for console gaming


Like the Blackshark before it, the Thresher is a serious console gaming headset.

This isn’t to say that these two headsets have everything in common!

In fact, the Thresher is a good deal more expensive than the Blackshark, though not all of that price difference pays off!

On the positive side of things, the Thresher has an excellent build, feeling both compact and durable, while not tacking on any unnecessary weight. Rather, this headset sits very comfortably on your head, despite weighing more than virtually any other unit on the list.

The sound quality, too, is a mark above the Balckshark’s, with decent sound isolation, meaning you can accurately tell the direction of footsteps and gunfire in your shooting games.

This, combined with its cosmetics, gives you the sense that you’re dealing with a serious gaming headset.

However, the experience fell apart in several areas. First, the persistent mic issues that have plagued several of these headsets continue with the Thresher. In this case, the headset controls are automatically set to adjust your mic’s volume, and not the in-game volume.

That said, the mic itself is great quality, picking up your voice clearly in all circumstances.

Overall…… the Thresher is a good-quality headset, but it doesn’t quite meet my expectations, based on its price point.

Best Analog Gaming Headset

8 – Razer D.Va Headset

Razer D.Va Headset - BillLentis.com
Value for Money7
Ease of Use10
Audio Quality7
Total Score37
Overall Score /10074
AudioStereo Surround Sound
MicrophoneOn wire
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.66 lbs
Pros-Very easy to use
-Convenient in-line mic
-Great for cosplay
Cons-Not very comfortable
-Not very durable
Bottom Line-A solid starter headset, complete with Overwatch cosplay potential


My initial impression of the D.Va headset was not a particularly flattering one.

I went into this review expecting these headphones to be cheap cosplay material, and not able to compete with the more serious gaming headphones on this list.

However…… following some further investigation, my outlook became a little more complicated.

Overall, these headphones aren’t the best Razers on the market. But they are a reasonably priced, decent pair of headphones with the potential to be used in Overwatch cosplays.

Audio-wise, these headphones aren’t anything special. They were decidedly middle-of-the-road for me. This headset doesn’t have any of the audio issues I mentioned for other Razers, but the overall performance is a bit subpar.

Cosmetics-wise, these headphones are stunning. They are an exact replica of D.Va’s from Overwatch, and that alone could be enough to justify their (pretty affordable) price tag.

As for comfort…… these headphones initially impressed me. They have plenty of padding, and my biggest worry was whether my ears would overheat as a result. Unfortunately, the cups themselves weren’t nearly big enough for my ears, and after a couple of hours I got a headache from the incessant pinching.

Overall…… these headphones aren’t bad, but they’re on this list for their cosmetics more than anything else.

9 – Best Noise Cancelling Headset

Kraken Ultimate

Kraken Ultimate - BillLentis.com
Value for Money8
Ease of Use7
Audio Quality8
Total Score41
Overall Score /10082
AudioTHX Spatial Audio
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.86 lbs
Pros-Very comfortable
-Durable build
-Includes Chroma led lighting
Cons-Only uses USB wire; less connectivity options
-Occasionally confusing setup process
Bottom Line-An excellent and affordably-priced PC gaming headset


So I really liked this headset, and there are a few reasons why.

First and foremost…… these guys put a lot of thought into session longevity. Meaning you can sit down with these headphones and play for hours on end without having any serious issues.

Where other headsets overheat your ears, the Ultimate Edition comes with internal cooling gel, lowering the buildup of residual heat during intensive play sessions. Beyond that, the main design features that made us love the original Kraken headset still hold true for this headset. It’s lightweight, durable and cosmetically attractive.

Speaking of which…… the ultimate edition comes with the Chroma lights, which give you an extra bit of gamer flair without breaking the bank.

The incoming audio is also improved, as is the mic. Everything good that we wrote about the Kitty Edition has been applied to this headset as well.

Now…… the biggest issue I had came with compatibility – this headset is marketed as a great addition to your console setup. Unfortunately, with the generic USB wire, you can;t actually play on your Xbox One. Which is a pretty huge oversight.

Likewise…… setting up this headset was inordinately harder than most headsets on this list. It might have just been on my end, but the struggle was real!

Why Trust Us?

Gaming has always held a very special place in my heart, from all the way back when I was fighting my brother for the GameCube controller.

The field has advanced a lot since then, and I’m constantly impressed with the new innovations that emerge every year.

Since those days, I’ve begun regularly watching eSports broadcasts – including League of Legends, SSB: Melee, and Magic: the Gathering. During my time watching, playing and writing about these games, I’ve used plenty of peripherals, and I’ve been amazed at the range of quality across these products.

A good set of headphones can make or break your game, and I’m happy to help you find the perfect pair!

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Razer Headset

What Are The Different Types of Razer Headsets?

Though they all come from the same manufacturer, there are a couple of differentiating factors between these headsets on the list.

First, the audio type. These headsets are broadly split into two categories for incoming audio quality – THX Spatial audio and basic stereo/surround sound audio. Typically, the THX audio is better quality, and will be found in the more expensive headsets.

Another Big Difference Is The Mic Type

The vast majority of these headsets have boom mics, meaning they are connected to an external stalk that sits closer to your mouth and is therefore better at picking up your voice.

However, among these mics, some are retractable (which I prefer) and some are bendable, meaning you just bend them out of place to change their position.

Features To Look Out For

As in the last question, the THX Spatial Audio is an excellent feature that really improves your audio quality. Retractable mics are also a nice touch.

But beyond these, some headsets also come with Chroma lighting, which gives your headphones an awesome Matrix-esque quality, particularly in a dark room.

Finally, I really loved the cooling gel featured in the Kraken Ultimate and Kitty Editions. It’s great for keeping your ears cool during longer sessions.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions: The Best Razer Headset

Q – Which Razer headset is the best?
A – Our Editor’s Choice is the original Kraken Headset. It’s a great price for a solid gaming headset.

Q – Does Razer make good headsets?
A – Yes! Overall, many of the Razer headsets are highly rated and affordably-priced.

Q – What headset has the best mic quality?
A – Overall, any headsets with the THX Spatial Audio have the best quality mics. These include the Kitty Edition, the Blackshark and the Nari.

Round-Up: The Best Razer Headset

Round-Up The Best Razer Headset - Bill Lentis Media
So there you have it – my favorite Razer headphones, as well as a few tips for your future buying decisions!

But you’re probably still wondering how these headsets all stack up against one another.

No need to fear – let’s find out!

Our Analysis, Comparisons & Test Results

1 – Value for Money

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Kraken Headset100
Razer Nari Ultimate99
Razer Blackshark95
Kraken Ultimate87
Razer Kraken X USB84
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma78
Razer D.Va77
Razer Thresher74
Razer Pink Kitty Edition68

2 – Ease of Use

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Kraken X USB100
Razer D.Va99
Razer Kraken Headset98
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma97
Razer Blackshark96
Razer Pink Kitty Edition95
Razer Nari Ultimate89
Razer Thresher79
Kraken Ultimate78

3 – Durability/Workmanship

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Kraken Headset95
Razer Pink Kitty Edition92
Razer Thresher91
Kraken Ultimate90
Razer Nari Ultimate87
Razer Kraken X USB79
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma73
Razer Blackshark70
Razer D.Va64

4 – Comfortability

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Nari Ultimate100
Razer Blackshark99
Razer Kraken Headset97
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma96
Razer Pink Kitty Edition95
Kraken Ultimate94
Razer Thresher89
Razer Kraken X USB85
Razer D.Va78

5 – Audio Quality

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Thresher94
Kraken Ultimate87
Razer Kraken Headset79
Razer Nari Ultimate78
Razer Kraken X USB77
Razer Blackshark76
Razer Pink Kitty Edition74
Razer D.Va73
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma71

6 – Our Final Verdict: The Best Razer Headset

Best RatingTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Kraken Headset88
Razer Nari Ultimate86
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma84
Razer Blackshark84
Kraken Ultimate82
Razer Pink Kitty Edition80
Razer Thresher80
Razer Kraken X USB80
Razer D.Va74

Conclusion: The Best Razer Headset

So there you have it – the best headset and our Editor’s Choice is the OG Kraken headset – the original version that kicked off the whole Kraken dynasty.

When I went into this review, I had one very important question to ask: based on price, what is the best gaming headset that Razer makes?
For me, the choice was clear from the very beginning. Given that I went on to review so many different versions of the Kraken (five of the nine entries on the list), it was clear that Razer had figured something out with this gaming headset. And indeed they had. Not only is this headset incredibly affordable, but it manages to juggle a solid user interface, a durable build and next-level comfort. Very few headphones – much less those which fall into the “budget” category – can claim all of this. The only hang-up I had came with the headset’s audio quality: later versions of the Kraken would try to improve this with mixed results. While the incoming audio was pretty solid, the lack of voice isolation and noise cancelation did impact both communication and immersion. But besides that…… these Razer gaming headsets are killer!

So now it’s over to you – will you go with the original recipe, or choose another headset?

The choice is yours.