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Standing desks are gaining popularity day by day. They are becoming a part of office life, and home life as well. Standing desks are preferred by employees because they positively impact their health and productivity. To make better use of a standing desk, it is best if the height is adjusted according to the comfort of the user. The main objective of a standing desk is to provide employees with comfort and health, and if the height isn’t adjusted properly, like too low or too high, then this may cause irritation among employees.

Different Positions

To find out the best position when using a standing desk, a person must stand straight, then lean a little forward and adjust the height of the desk accordingly. Trying out different positions would help an employee understand better, which height is more appropriate for them. They should make note of things like feeling discomfort in the back or neck, and which position feels comfortable for both body parts. Also go and check out standdesk pro review – Click Here.

Eye Strain

The desk should be leveled as such that it doesn’t cause eye strain. The top of the screen should be according to the eye level of the user. The screen should be tilted upwards, so that the user doesn’t have to bend their neck. There should be enough space left on the desk, so that a person can keep his arms, as that won’t strain the shoulder or the wrist.

Height Of The Shoes

The height of a person’s shoes also impacts what height they want of their desk. For example, if someone is wearing flat shoes one day, the height of the desk would be different; higher. If someone is wearing heels one day, then the height of the desk would be lower. A person should always get a desk that has a memory pad installed in it, for at least four last settings. This way, setting the height of the desk everyday won’t be a problem.

Mat Under The Feet

While people worry about their back and neck, they should also worry about what’s underneath their feet. If the mat isn’t comfortable, or if the shoes that the person is wearing dig in it, then it would be a really uncomfortable position. The mat should be such that the desk is balanced on it, doesn’t wobble and the person feels comfortable on it as well. They might want to take their shoes off at some point, which is why choosing a mat that isn’t too rough, should be considered.

Chair For The Desk

Standing in front of a desk, instead of sitting all day can be healthy. However, standing all day can’t be healthy, as it may tire some people out. It is best to have a chair as a backup option that a person uses when he is tired out. The chair should be adjustable, so that the height difference between the desk and the chair isn’t too much. Comfort and height should be the two main things that people should look for, when they are buying a desk with a chair.

Alternative Between Standing And Sitting

A standing desk doesn’t mean that a person has to spend the whole day standing. Standing desk are adjustable because the manufacturers know that people won’t be able to stand for a whole day. This is why, employees working in a company or someone working at home, should have an alternative between sitting and standing. It is best to stand for a couple of hours or two hours, and then sit to take a break. Standing too much can be unhealthy for some people; a standing desk is for the convenience of the people, not to disadvantage them more.

Adjusting The Screen

Mostly, a standing desk is purchased for the purpose of work, where a desktop is put on the standing desk. In order to get the best height for the standing desk, the height of the screen can be adjusted as well. The standing desk, in such a case, should be set at elbow height, which is a 90 degree position. The screen should be at least 20-28 inches away from the user’s face. The top of the screen should be the same height as the eye level of the person. This way, the person doesn’t have to look down or up, and can spare himself from neck pain or eye pain.

In case someone is using a laptop, then they should align the keyboard with the height of their elbow. However, this means that a person has to tilt their screen back, and put their neck downwards, and this can’t be used as a long-term height adjustment. This can make the person using the standing desk, feel very uncomfortable.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Say, an employer buys a standing desk for his employee, because he feels that the employee would be more motivated and productive when he stands all day, or part of the day. However, even though the employee welcomes the idea, he feels fatigue using the standing desk. This is because he doesn’t have an anti-fatigue mat underneath his legs, which would encourage the movement of leg muscles. When leg muscles move, they encourage blood flow and prevent discomfort. The mat helps in the prevention of any leg problems, and lower back pain.

Strain On Wrists

Those who work long hours using the computer, may strain their wrists. It is best to change the position of the keyboard and the mouse, every now and then. When a person sits, the positions of the keyboard and the mouse should be different as compared to when the person is standing. When the person is standing, the keyboard and the mouse should be at the same level, and the wrists should be in a straight position when typing on the keyboard. If those who use a computer on a daily basis face the problem of a sore wrist, then they can purchase an adjustable keyboard, and a gel mouse pad, because these two things would give more support to their wrist.

Arm Support

The surface area that is attached to the standing desk, the person using the desk should put a soft padding on it as an arm support. When arms support is installed, this can help reduce the risk of suffering from neck problems and shoulder problems. It can be helpful if a person has been using a standing desk for a long time, and prefers to stand for the whole day. It is all about getting a comfortable experience while working, in order to increase productivity.

Taking Breaks

No matter what height a person chooses for a standing desk, it is important that they remember to take breaks in between working. They should move around, look outside their window, sit and stand and move their muscles, so that their muscles don’t become numb. They should experiment with different standing desk heights, in order to choose the one that suits them the most. It will take time for a person to find the best position in which they can work, stay productive and don’t tire easily. However, without any doubt, they have to spend time to look for the best height for a standing desk.

Benefits Of Getting A Standing Desk

There are multiple benefits of getting a standing desk. The first benefit is that a person is less likely to get fat or obese, because he spends most of his time, standing. The thing to note here is that nobody just stands; when people use the standing desk, they focus on their work, and they move around as well. It is not necessarily a distraction, but a way to keep their muscles moving.

Secondly, the blood sugar level of those who use a standing desk might decrease. Blood sugar level increase when people take their meal or eat something sweet. For those who are diabetic, they can’t exercise right after having lunch in the office, but what they can do is spend most of the remaining time standing, so that they don’t have to suffer from a high level of blood sugar.

People get back pain while working in their office space, because of the seats on which they sit all day. These seats have a rough back, due to which, people feel that their limbs are sore and their backs hurt. If they stand all day, or most of the day, then they can work on their standing posture, and reduce the risk of suffering from back pain.

Final Word

There is no doubt that standing desk energizes people and makes them more productive. When people sit and work, they often put their head on a desk and try to take a short nap, which turns into a long nap. However, this is something which they can’t do, when they are standing straight. Moreover, people who are using a standing desk know that other people are looking at them, which keeps them alert.