BenQ GW2750 Computer Monitor -
If you are looking for the computer monitors then this guide is perfectly made for you. Here you will get reviews of all the best and top-selling computer monitors. It isn’t an easier task to choose a perfect computer monitor screen without research. So it is really important to clearly think about the features of the monitors. Here we have discussed some important features of the computer monitor screens. This list of best computer monitor screens will help you to find a good one for you.

#1 – Dell UltraSharp U2717D

Dell UltraSharp U2717D -
The Dell UltraSharp U2717D is the best choice both for professionals and beginners. The display technology, beautiful brightness and color scheme of the monitor has added much comfort to the monitor. It has occupied the number one place on our list because of all its features. The color and the high resolution of the monitor are among the top features of the monitor. If you are looking for better resolution, high-quality display and other advanced features then Dell UltraSharp U2717D is perfect for you. You will find it a better option in return of your money. - Check Prices Button Red

#2 – Samsung UE590 Computer Monitor

Samsung UE590 Computer Monitor -
The Samsung UE590 is among the best options to get a better gaming experience. If you love to play games then Samsung UE590 is really good for you. It is one of the best 4K monitors we have ever tried. For extra clarity, Samsung UE590 provides 3840 x 2160 resolutions. That is why it provides the best gaming experience. The best technology has been introduced in the monitor that will allow you to see your stuff at one part of the screen and other options on a smaller screen. It will allow you to properly focus on your work while taking other things into consideration. The response time is great. The 60Hz is the refresh rate that will allow you to get the quick response time. One of the greatest features of this monitor is the eye saver option. It will protect your eyes from extra brightness and during long sessions of typing especially when you are doing your work at night. - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – Acer Predator Z301C Computer Monitor

Acer Predator Z301C Computer Monitor -
If you want a smooth gaming experience with high resolution and quality then Acer Predator is obviously for you. The best thing about the monitor is its display screen and features that have ranked it among the top three monitor screens. When there is a need for high quality of resolution and excellence to play HD games then the first option is the Acer Predator. It has been ranked among the most desirable monitors by those who love to play games.

It is not only for playing games, but you can also watch HD videos, movies and much more. You can keep yourself amused in the best way possible by getting the high-quality results of the computer monitor. The 200Hz refresh rate and 30 inches of a screen will give you a perfect blend of quality and comfort. The best thing about the monitor is that it provides you with the best gaming experience as it does not allow the tearing of the screen. When you are playing games or watching videos, then the biggest problem most of the users face is the tearing of the screen. It slows down the programs and monitors, but the Acer Predator has resolved the issue. Now you can enjoy your programs, videos, games and movies without worrying about the quality. - Check Prices Button Red

#4 – LG 34UM88 Computer Monitor

LG 34UM88 Computer Monitor -
LG 34UM88 computer monitor is made for all those professional users who want some extra space to perform their routine tasks. The extra wide screen will allow you to work in a better and professional way. The best thing about the monitor is its 21:9 ratios that will allow you to get some extra space to open new tabs. If you want to open multiple tabs or the windows then this monitor will give you that particular feature. You can get access to multiple tabs and windows by using the feature of LG 34UM88 computer monitor. It is one of the most affordable and best computer screens that will allow you to properly focus on your professional tasks within that specific price range. So what else you are looking for in your computer monitors? The LG 34UM88 computer monitor is the perfect option for you. If you are looking for a professional looking computer monitor, that is productive and give you extra comfort during work then this one is perfect for you. - Check Prices Button Red

#5 – Acer S277HK Computer Monitor

Acer S277HK Computer Monitor -
If you are looking for a high-quality design for a computer monitor but do not have enough money then Acer S277HK is perfect for you. Here you can professionally do your work and exactly manipulate the images the way you want. The best thing is its 4K resolution, beautiful design and great features within an affordable price range. The 27-inches screen, 4K resolution, great design and versatile display ports are among the top features of the computer monitor. Here you will find a plenty of options to store the media as the multiple ports will allow you to focus on your work with extra comfort. You can adjust brightness, color and contrast of the monitor the way you want. - Check Prices Button Red

#6 – NEC EA275UHD Computer Monitor

NEC EA275UHD Computer Monitor -
For all those who are looking for durable computer monitor screens, NEC EA275UHD is the best option. It is long lasting and durable. If you want to get a real thing in return of your money then NEC EA275UHD will serve you in a better way. The 4K resolution, color accuracy and durability are among the most prominent features of the monitors. The best thing about the monitor is that you will not find any monitor under 1000$ with 4K resolution, 27-inch screen and durable quality. You can also adjust the screen of the monitor while on the other hand; the multiple ports will allow you to store the media according to your desire. You can instantly store and transfer your data by using the multiple ports of the monitor. It will be ideal to say that NEC EA275UHD is among the best options to enjoy videos, movies and other 4K Medias. - Check Prices Button Red

#7 – BenQ GW2750 Computer Monitor

BenQ GW2750 Computer Monitor -
If you are looking for a budget-friendly computer monitor then BenQ GW2750 is there for you. All the good specifications of a computer monitor are there but the price is quite reasonable. BenQ GW2750 is made for all those people who do not want to spend much on those computer monitors. You will get all the important features of a monitor but within a limited price range.

The BenQ GW2750 does not have 4K resolution instead it has 1080p. It lacks some features that are considered very important by some professional users of computers. So if you are looking for all the advanced features of a monitor then it is not recommended to buy the computer monitor. But if you are tight on budget then BenQ GW2750 is the best option. Its response time is 4 milliseconds. It also lacks some features that are required to play the games. The main question here is why we have decided to put this monitor on our list? The answer is quite simple. This computer monitor is one of the best budget-friendly monitors. You will not find any monitor other than BenQ GW2750 with all important features within that price range. For all those who do not want to spend much on computer screens or monitors BenQ GW2750 is really a worth buying thing. - Check Prices Button Red

What Are The Key Features Of Computer Monitor?

We all know that technology has added much convenience to our lives. The computers and laptops are getting advanced. Now you will also find many computer monitors with various specifications and features that will allow you to perform your tasks easily. When you plan to buy those computer monitors then there are certain things that are considered very important while on the other hand, some are optional. If you want to spend money on those computer monitors then you can certainly spend on those monitors but if you are tight on budget and do not want to spend money on it, then you can really choose those with fewer specifications. For average users, it is ideal to buy those monitors having a reasonable price with all the important specifications. But if you are a professional user then you can look for those monitors having versatile features. There are plenty of features which are considered while choosing those computer monitors like:


Widescreens are not that much important but it adds much convenience when you are doing your assignments or watching your content. We all know that our tablets and mobile phones are also able to perform the same function but when it comes to bigger screens then the only option is a computer. This is one of the biggest benefits of using laptops or computers as widescreen helps in watching the media with much ease and comfort. Usually, 24 to 34 inches screen of the monitor is more than enough. You can go for bigger screens if you have much space in your home.


When buying those computer’s monitors it is really important to look for the accessories. In some cases, accessories do not matter especially in the case of TV screens but in case you want to buy the monitors then you must look for the extra ports. These ports will allow you to connect USB to transfer media. Make sure that monitors you are going to buy have enough ports in order to make your routine tasks easier.


The design of the monitor is sometimes less important but it needs to be taken into consideration especially if you have limited space in your home. The angle of view, tilting and rotating abilities of monitor plays a major role especially when you have placed it at a congested place. Moreover, if you want to make those computer monitors compatible with your home or room then special attention should be given to the design of the monitor.

Response Time

Now a day, the response time of the monitors also matters a lot. The higher response time of a computer monitor means the better performance you will get. The response time of the computer monitors also matters a lot especially if you love to play games. It is good to look for the G-Sync and FreeSync options when buying those computer monitors. The higher the response time is the efficient performance you will get.


The warranty of the computer monitors is among the most prominent features. It is required to choose a computer monitor screen that has a warranty for a year so that you can get the best out of it. Most of the computer monitors now a day comes with a year of warranty, so buy those with longer warranties.

Things To Avoid While Buying Computer Monitors

There are a few things that should be avoided while buying those monitors. Tough, it looks very impressive to buy the bigger screens but there is no need to spend much on wider screens especially if you are tight on budget. If a small screen monitor is fulfilling your needs then there is no need to go for the bigger screens. Similarly, the contrast ratios of the computer monitors do not matter. You will only notice it when you will keep on staring at the screens. The most demanding feature of a monitor is the graphics card. You will waste your money if you have spent a lot on your monitors and haven’t considered the GPU.

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