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Boston is a shining start when it comes to the scope of creation of jobs, the business opportunities in the city, the high class education, the availability o various subjects to study and various technical courses to take, the glorious history, the balanced development of the city, the easiness in the city due the waling possibility instead of always depending on the transport, the places to visit and enjoy, the multicultural environment which gives you the option to explore different aspects of human life and philosophy, the world class medical faculties provided in the hospitals and also the livelihood in the city where you have intellectual, culture and artistic even everyday which helps your creative part satisfied and also your humanity alive and you don’t have to pay for every event. The free enjoyment options to take your family and children and entertained when the moments of leisure. The wide well spread open green space which helps you to maintain the space in your life and helps you to keep connected to yourself and you don’t have to be surrounded by people always, the well developed transport facility with different options for everyone having less or more money and activities to do for any class to the society whether intellectual or general. In short Boston is a city in demand and that is why the internet is always producing a search result about the rent in Boston as the ambitious people want to come here to make their lives reach the next level.

The Average Rent in Boston, An Overview

Here let’s try to analyze here to figure out where to live in Boston and also get the knowledge to be able to estimate about the cost of living in Boston. The rent in Boston has been increasing fast with its growth. According to the Greater Boston Housing Report Card, 2009 is the year which has accelerated the speed of the rent increase in Boston. Since 2009 the rents in Boston have been rising constantly every single year. It may give you a shock but since year 2012 it has been raising every single quarter. Check out what you need to know about home prices in Boston, MA and how to get a good home – Go Here.

As per data provided from one of the source in January 2016 the average rent was $2936 and the rent in January 2019 is $3020 which is an increase of $ 84 and which is close to 3%. So it’s increasing day by day. Now have a look at the current price.

As per one of the sources (just to give you an ideas though you need to check yourself finally) the average rent in Boston is $3020 which is little more than the previous year which was $3013.The rent may be different depending on the type and quality of the apartment. The average size of a Boston apartment is 815 square feet.

The average rent for studio apartment in Boston is $2316 which covers an area of 491 Sq feet.

The one bedroom apartment demands $2830 per month which gives you the 706 square feet space to use for your living.

The two bedroom apartment which offers the 985 Square feet as an average, asks the average rent of $3383.

Three bedroom the biggest apartment which comes with 1308 square feet area, demands $4132 an average rent.

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Comparison From Previous Years

Now let’s see how the rent has grown in the last few years. In Jan 2016 it was 2936 and now in Jan 2019 it has become 2936 which is a increase close to 3%.

The studio apartment rent was $2234 in January 2016 and now in Jan 2019 it came reached to 2316 which is an increase of $82 which is 3.8 percent.

The one bedroom rent was $2750 in Jan 2016 which now in Jan 2019 has become $2831 which is an increase of $81 which in percentage is 3.

Two bedroom apartment rent from $3310 in Jan 2016 has increased to $3383 which is $73 which means it has increased up to 2 percent.

Three bedroom apartment rent saw the increase of 3% from Jan 2016 when it was $3759 and now in Jan 2019 it has become $4132 which is an increase of $373.

The next table shows a comparative presentation of the rent from year 2016.
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Boston is very much connected to the nearby areas and people willing to move to Boston can also choose to move to any of the suburbs if serves their purpose of relocation and if it helps them to save money. There are special pathways in Boston which are available in all over the Boston to walk on and they also connect Boston to the nearby areas hence movement between these areas and Boston is very easy. The transport system also s well developed and it has made the connectivity easy. Living in few places you will not even feel that you are living in the suburban areas and at the same time you will have an option to be in an environment which sometimes is more peaceful that the main city.

Now here is a presentation of the average rent in the neighbourhood areas.
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Hence we can conclude that the minimum rent is asked in Roslindale which is $2265 per month on average. The next affordable place is Roxbusry where the average rent is $2283 per month which is not much higher than Roslindale. Jamaica Plain is demanding bit higher which is $2610 which has the third place in the list of the lowest rent asking places. The other places where the rent is below than the average rent in Boston are Dorchester where the asking price is $2633, East Boston where the asking price is $2633 is the same level affordable as Dorchester, Allston and Brighton where the rent is $2706.

Boston’s neighbourhoods which are mostly in demands and hence most expensive are Chinatown where the rent is $3605, Leather District where the rent is same as Chinatown ($3605),Back Bay where it is $3627 and North East Boston with the asking rent $3674.

Keep in Mind: The Rent Will Increase Next Year

Now when you have a general idea of the rent in Boston and also the neighbourhood area where you may probably plan to move, now it’s important to ask the landlord about how much it is going to increase next year. The rent increase rate also is different according the area and the landlord can ask any price which as pr the markets trends at that time hence its essential to understand it before you move into a house and be prepared mentally for those extra dollars which will increase, No matter if your earnings increase or not. Sometimes the landlord also may not be able to give you an idea about it then see how much was the rent last year and that will give you an understanding of the rent next year when you will add those extra dollars to the current rent.

If you are not particular about the place than may be you can go to a place where the rent is not increasing with a high rate.

Few neighbourhoods Of Boston Which You Would Want TO Move Now it s very much confusing that where exactly to move in the neighbourhood also, let us get an idea about few destinations with their specialities. So let’s start with few places ideas for Youngsters.

Though you will be having your specific requirements but here we are just mentioning few points about these cities in case you don’t have anything specific in mind, may be you choose one out of these and also if you already have one of the names from below, it will help you to make up your mind and make a confusion free decision.


Allston is known for the population which is dominated by students. Many young professional stay in Allston and the students also have gathered in big numbers. Hence just like the population is, the facilities also have reached to the expectation to the young population. Here these youngsters have many spots to have meals, mini meals, drinks and enjoy the music and dance.

So the approximate young people’s number is 18837, which is 64.5 percent of the total population. Out of total houses the apartment are 87 percent.


Brighton is also full of young population which is approximately 25,507.The youngsters cover 55 percent of the total population and the apartments are 75 percent of the total houses in the city. This is situated just nest to Allston.


66 percent of Cabridgeport population is made of youngsters which in numbers in almost 7000. Out of total housing the percentage of apartments is 77 which is a big number.


Youngsters occupy almost 26 percent of the total population. There are almost 12000 young people in the city and the apartments cover almost 80 percent of the total houses. It has enough greenery and open space which is almost 570 acres in total. These acres include the parks, playgrounds and the athletic fields. The city covers over 23% park space of Boston.


Here the young population occupies 25% of the total population. There are almost 28000 young people in the city. You can enjoy a long waterfront along with a variety of landscape. You have a university campus here and commercially made corridors and residential neighbourhoods.

Mission Hill

Misison Hill is located in north of Jamaica Plain and south of the Longwood medial area. There are 48 percentages of young people out of the total population of Mission Hill. The apartments occupy the 80 percent of the total housing here. This is a very popular area among the student at the North-eastern University which is nearby.

East Boston

Among Boston’s neighbourhood most of the East Boston consists of bigger part of foreign born population which is more almost 50%.The numbers of young population in East Boston are rapidly increasing and it has become approximately 12 thousand which is almost 30 percent of the total population. Apartments have their share of 72 percentages in the total housing plan.

The Location is an attraction as it is located adjacent to the Logan Airport. Accessing Downtown Boston is very easy as one take just take the Blue Line and it comes just after one or two subway stops.


Allston and Brighton are the neighbours of the northern end where the youngster can be seen in big numbers. Southern half is the choice of the families to live as this area is separate from the city environment and some green space also is available here.

Coolidge Corner is the place to enjoy the nightlife, theatre and wonderful eating places.

South Boston

Having good access to the downtown, south Boston’s population is a mixture of the population living there from long time and the newly arrived young people. The nightlife has been developed as the young people have taken their share in the population. Long beaches and waterfront parks are another attraction. Carson Beach, L Street Beach, Pleasure Bay, and the Stand Beach are few waterfront places. East and West Broadway is surrounded by various well establishes businesses, retailers and restaurants. Dorchester, South End and Roxbury are the neighbours of the Newmarket Square which is famous in food processing and distribution and it is located near to the Route 93.

It’s worthy to mention that the Boston’s St Patrick Day Parade happen in South Boston and the real sports fans can be seen here. Many famous films like Good Will Hunting, Gone Baby Gone, The Departed and Mystic River have been filmed here.

Youngsters are of 41 % of the total population and houses are consists of around 60 % of the apartments.

Helpful Points To Decide The Place


Check how the place where you need to go there daily is how much accessible from the place you decide to live in. If you are moving there for a job then you need to check whether the place is accessible enough so that you can reach there on time.


Lifestyle matters a lot as the young people would want to go to such a place where you have places for fun specially the nightlife. You have options to check all this in advance so that you make full use of your stay in or around Boston.


Education is one of the most important factors in deciding the place to live in as you can compromise when it comes to your children’s education. The best schools are there in Boston and you need to decide which one you want to choose for your children and it may be based upon their future plan and also the subjects they want to continue in.

Greenery And Water

Few places provide a lot of green space and few places are filled with the waterfront spaces. It’s your choice which kind of location is suitable to your life.

Crowd or leisure many of you may want to live in the crowd as the crown has some energy vibes and when you see the others running for a purpose you also automatically get motivated towards achieving your goal. The crowd also helps to be a part of the fun activates. On the other end, there are many people who simply hate the crowd and they want to spend time in leisure when they get back from their work. SO accordingly you can make a choice and decode to be in the main city or in such places which are couple of stops far but well connected to the city and have more opportunities for the leisurely time.

Shopping Places

Shopping places may sound a little unnecessary but for few of us it’s very much important. Many people go to other places just to shop. Hence if you want to always keep your wardrobes and shoe racks upgraded with the new fashion trends and the best available things, you have to have a close look at the shopping facilities in the city before your move there.

Connectivity To Your Native

If you have your family living in your native and you have just come to Boston for some time. It’s very much important to check the connectivity from your native place so that you can reach there without delay when your loved once need you.

The Eating Options

If you are a working professional and earning great amount and want to live a lavish life, you should choose a place where you have the restaurants providing you the desired quality food and if you are an student which have somehow managed to come to the city and don’t want to spend much in food than you can try staying in the suburban places where you can have the cheap bites so that it does not hot your pocket hard.

The Job Opportunities

If you are a job seeker and want to move to Boston in order search the job over there you have do a research and find where exactly the jobs matching to your area of specialisation are available before making the final move. Later after you get the job may be you can move to a place which is less costly and well connected to your work place.

Few Other Important Points: Types Of Agreements

Now when you have got to see a long analysis of the rent in Boston here are few small but important things before you move in to an apartment.

Leases are typically for a year and it actually gives legal security to the tenants. Before you sign any agreement, read it carefully word to word and have the changes made of you don’t agree with any of the part of it and also keep a copy of it for you reference. If you have roommates and anyone moves out than you will be responsible to keep paying the rent for the rest of the year.

You can have tenancy at will agreement if you want to have the option to move out at somewhere in the middle of the year. You just need to give a proper written 30 day notice to the landlord before going out. This agreement also gives the same option to ask you to leave with a written notice prior to thirty days from the day of leaving.