All You Need To Know About Camping With A Baby

All You Need To Know About Camping With A Baby
If you love the outdoors, it may be easy to get tempted to take your baby camping. Yes, this may seem like an impossible adventure, but it is possible. Babies can be difficult, especially if you are a first time parent and it may be easy to think it impossible to handle having a baby while camping. Yes, there are many surprises that the outdoor can throw at us, even though that’s the case a little preparation goes a long way in making sure you handle them well and enjoy the outdoors. Though this might be the case, there are a couple of things that you can do to get to enjoy the outdoors with your baby.

Planning Is Key

Being a couple with no child, it is easy to be random and camp absolutely anywhere with no worry of the weather and other conditions. With a baby, the dynamics change and you need to look out for your baby and not put them in harm’s way. One way of planning is taking time beforehand to make a test drive. A test drive prepares you as parents on what to expect while camping in a particular site. It is therefore important that when you choose where to camp, you make a point of being familiar with the place.

For your first time out it is probably best to camp somewhere near home. Camping near home gives you the option of bailing out, in the event something happens that you can’t control. This way, you can be comfortable knowing that you are only a few miles from home in case you forgot something important.

When it comes to planning, packing is perhaps the most important aspect. Packing for adults is usually easy and light and only involves the essentials. When a baby is involved in the camping, there are a number of things that will definitely need to change. Remember packing light and only sticking to the essentials? With a baby, that you will have to forget. Let’s start with the diapers. When it comes to packing diapers you have to bring extras or you will regret having to cut short your camping trip to get diapers. Diapers virtually have no weight to speak of, and this definitely works well for you on your camping trip as it will be less of a hassle to carry them.

Babies at an early age are not able to regulate their temperatures as well as they should. This means that they will tend to sweat a lot from moving around with dad or mom or even when in a carrier. In the evening when it gets cold, it is quite likely that the sweat will be cold leaving them cold and likely to suffer from a cold. Therefore, you need to change the baby regularly and have sleep only clothes to help keep them warm through the night

When it comes to packing further, you will have to bring something that your baby likes with you. Do not forget that blanket or that toy that your baby loves. The toy or blanket that is your baby’s favorite is important to carry as this gives your baby a sense of familiarity in an unfamiliar place.

Though it may feel obvious, the essentials are a priority and you should go out of your way to make sure that you didn’t miss anything. Carry the milk, the fresh fruits, the pureed foods, the formula and veggies. Come fully loaded when it comes to food and also while thinking about the baby, do not forget yourselves.

The setup is absolutely important as it determines whether or not you will enjoy your trip. From your temporary kitchen to the way your tent is set up, the setup is key. This implies that you need to have the right equipment for you to enjoy your camping fully. Take time to think through what you will need for your trip and have it ready. This doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive fancy equipment. You can choose plastic equipment such as tables and even chairs to help in your meal preparations and more.

Enjoy Yourselves

Camping is meant to be a fun affair, so make sure that you enjoy yourselves in the outdoors. One thing that you need to carry is your camera. A camera is perhaps the best way of capturing those precious moments that you want to revisit when your baby is fully grown.

When it comes to enjoying yourself, it is important that you inform those that you are camping with, that you will be having a baby on your camping trip. By doing this, you give them a heads up about particular behavior to expect, maybe your baby cries early in the morning or maybe some other things. This way, everyone will be aware and you won’t have to worry that they won’t be prepared for it.

Part of enjoying yourself is letting your partner show off his or her parenting skills. This therefore means that you should take turns while taking care of your baby. This will further help you get some rest for yourself. This way you will get to enjoy the trip more and what’s more your child will grow to love the outdoors.


It may sound like a crazy idea to take your baby camping, especially when they are still wearing diapers. In as much as that is the case, there is a way of going about it for you the adventurous parent. By proper planning, you can be sure not only to enjoy the outdoors with your child, but the experience will bring you further together as a couple. Take time to plan efficiently for your first camping with your child. Settle on a location that is not so far from your home or from the nearest town. With a camera in hand and sharing duties with your partner, you will have a great time on your camping trip.