All About Golf Travel And Resorts

All About Golf Travel And Resorts -


Golf is a popular and interesting sport. Golf travels and resorts are becoming popular among lovers of the sport. As a golfer, you get to meet new people, build and strengthen friendships when you play with them. Many businessmen use golfing as a networking technique. You also get exposure to nature as a golfer. This is exactly what golf travel and resorts provide. You get to see the beauty of nature while playing your favourite sport.

There are also health benefits of playing golf. Apart from helping you stay fit, it strengthens your bladder and increases your heart rate. It also helps you burn fat and lose weight.

There are many good golf resorts around the world. This article will look at the best resorts you can visit whenever you want to go on a golf trip.

1. The Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews in Fife Scotland

This is the oldest golf course in the world. The golf course with a breathtaking view was built in 1754. It has played host to great golf players in the past as well as amateur golfers who dream of playing at the home of golf.

The golf resort has many Scottish buildings including the Old Course Luxury Hotel. It also has seven courses, four shops, golf avast and three clubhouses. These facilities are open to the public. So if you would love to see the home of golf that has survived for centuries, you should visit the Royal Golf Club.

2. Rosewood Tucker Point (Bermuda)

This is the only private resort in Bermuda. It is situated on the beautiful Truckers point. You will find the best of Bermudian lifestyle at Trucker’s Point. The resort is easily accessible from any part of the world. It has swimming pools, a spa and wellness centre, tennis and golf club with a private beach area. There is a restaurant and shop for all your needs.

The resort spans over 240 acres of coastal land. You are surrounded by pleasant views of the sea and with its pink-sand beaches and elegant golf course, you are guaranteed a wonderful time at this charming resort. So if you want a private resort where you can spend quality time to enjoy the ocean view while you play golf, you should pay Rosewood resort a visit.

3. The American Club Wisconsin, United States

Located in Kohler Wisconsin, this is arguably the most popular golf resort in the world. It has stood as an icon of hospitality for more than a hundred years. Many professional golfers and golf lovers have visited and continue to visit this resort. It has many gardens and luxury cabins. It has four golf courses, a nature preserve spanning 500 acres, a sports centre and spa centre.

The golf course along the shoreline of Lake Michigan gives you a breathtaking view as you play the game or watch golfers play. It has everything you need to spend a good time. It is definitely a place you want to visit.

4. K Club Resort (Kildare, Ireland)

This is a five-star resort located just thirty minutes away from Dublin. It offers top-notch accommodation and dining with world-famous golf courses. The lodging buildings were built in 1830, but they exude much elegance that will take your breath away. The resort has golf guest service team that will help you have a nice golf experience.

5. The Broadmoor (Colorado Springs, Colorado)

The Broadmoor is one of the most popular resorts in the world and it has remained so for years. It opened its doors to guests in 1918. It has received celebrities, presidents and top sportsmen as guests over the years. The resort is situated at about 6,000 feets above sea level at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

History meets luxury and hospitality at this resort. The top-notch services offered by this resort has earned it Forbes Five-star awards many times. You can select from a variety of accommodations and activities that are available at the resort. It has 779 room with balconies and fireplaces and a restaurant located at the top of the building from where you can enjoy a nice view of the environment.

There are indoor and outdoor pools and 25 boutiques for all your shopping needs. Many tennis lovers visit this resort frequently but it also has three world-class golf courses for golfers and golf enthusiasts. If you’d love to experience the American West lifestyle, Broadmoor is your best choice.

6. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort (Bandon, Oregon)

This golf resort was opened in 1999 and it is a favourite destination for professional golfers and golf lovers. It has been rated as one of the best in the world by many golf magazines. Though it doesn’t have luxury accommodation like many other, it still offers modest and cosy rooms that guarantee visitors maximum comfort.

The resort has five different courses which blend well with the natural environment. The appeal of these golf courses gives you a refreshing experience every time you play the game you love. The aesthetics connects you with the soul of the game. There are many lodging options to suit your needs, varying from single accommodations to spacious four-bedroom cottages. With gracious hospitality and comfort on every corner of the resort, there is nothing more you could ask for.

7. The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

This resort has beautiful oceanfront landscapes. There are nine holes at the golf course, but they are challenging enough. It has 365 rooms and five restaurants. Meals at this resort are prepared by Michelin- starred chefs. It is definitely a place you want to visit on your next tour of golf resorts.

Golf travel and resorts have continued to gain popularity over the years. We have discussed the best golf resorts you can visit to enjoy yourself. Feel free to choose any of the resorts. You will definitely not regret it.