Affiliate Links And How To Protect Them From The Commission Thieves

Affiliate Links And How To Protect Them From The Commission Thieves -


Number One Affiliate Advertising Danger

When you hear the word danger, what’s the first thing that pops up into your mind? Is it the thought of getting into one of those random incidents? Being spied on by the monsters under your bed; waiting for you to close your eyes, or is it fading into Oblivion? Maybe it’s all three of them for you.

We all have different things that we consider to be the impending bell of doom, but the one that strikes the right cord for your affiliate commission, is surprisingly, very much human. They are not your competitors, no, on the contrary, they are the people, you’ve been trying to reach and connect with. For online marketers, only one thing matters; how strong your affiliate link really is.

Generally, I can expect a few faces scrunching up their noses and exclaiming, “how come?” Well, to ease your mind, here’s “why”.

In today’s world, the one thing we all consider as our “go to” source for all kind of information is the internet. We all kind of believe that the answers to our queries, and at times, even fate to be present somewhere online. This is to such an extent that all of us have probably come to rely on it as a reliable source of knowledge and entertainment. This goes to say, how important internet has really turned out to be in our life. This extensive use by others, with the facility it provides to communicate with others from the corner of the world, provides us with the opportunity to promote our brand to the corners we couldn’t have expected to reach otherwise.

But as beneficial it is, there is this one major loophole you would need to be really careful about.

Introduction Overload

A benefit that helps out everyone is probably something that everyone would want to use to their max possible advantage. All businesses know well that their survival depends on how effectively they end up using their resources. This is probably “why” your brand isn’t the only business out there, promoting its name and its product around the globe. Imagine millions of people like you trying to woo one lone individual, with the same tactic you’ve been hoping to use. In such cases, how sure can you be that your tactic, despite being similar to the ones of the others, will catch the eye your prospective customer? With everyone trying to get their attention and with the amount of companies highlighting their best traits, will they be able to remember your services or your article at the end of the day?

We can’t say for certain, but the probability of its occurrence seems rather bleak.

In simple terms, the customers you’ve been trying to win may not end up remembering your article, and even if they do, there are chances that your competitors are lurking close. They may be reeled in by your competitors instead. Or maybe they might just incidentally land themselves on the right website without the affiliate link at all. Either way, you may end up losing your one chance to get that commission you’ve been hoping on for so long.

Sounds endangering, doesn’t it?

All of that effort and time invested for nothing, just because you’re a second too late or a word to less to have that desired impact. This all leads us to this one simple question. Is there a solution to end this tyranny?

Sure, there is, and this is why we are here. You’re looking for a way in and we’ve got some golden tips under our thumbs to make sure that your hard earned commission ends up in your own pocket.

Protect Your Affiliate Links

As basic as it sounds, it’s a fundamental step of safely get your goals to their desired destination. It’s usually the case that most people take this step for granted because it’s easy. You can’t multiply, if you don’t know how to count. This is probably why this is the best long term advice I can offer in your service.

There are many ways to protect your affiliate link. You can use the tools that are either easily available online or set yourself a custom URL to the offer and directly brand and divert the viewers to the offer.

Promote Yourself First (Not Your Affiliate Links)

Another one of the majorly ignored rules is: self-promotion. Why are we highlighting this point so much, you ask? It’s all in the basic. We all know that with the growth in the advancements, a lot of us have been a victim to a series of “scamming”. This gap between what we know and the possibility of what is and what could be has made it hard for people to generally know what is the truth and what’s not. Trusting someone they don’t know well enough is something your views are finding hard to imply and to make them trust you, you need them to know you. Self-promotion allows you to do just that. This personal link between you and your viewers allows you to build up a loyal base of viewers who will willingly follow your recommendation, even if there’s a competitor offering similar or perhaps, even better offer than yours.

This trust gives you the opportunity to make sure that your commission is yours, solely.

That said, the above two methods are the way to get you started from having your nightmare come true. There are of course, many other ways that would help you boost your “current commission”, but without these two basic pointers, it will not be as effective as it could have been. And for the both of us, the idea of “could have been” is a sad reality we would like to avoid for the better. Remember, the essence of being an affiliate marketer is your ability to make your current and potential audience, trust you and click on the link you’ve provided to them. If you fail in doing the latter, then you’ll probably lose your profits to commission thieves.

You can always put an end to the stealing by holding its horns. Make use of Dominion Makers WP plugin and say goodbye to all of your commission worries.