Advantages And Disadvantages Of POP And Exchange

Advantages And Disadvantages Of POP And Exchange -


Emails are no longer new to everyone. Whether we are talking about the business emails or if it is your personal email, you must have been using emails from a long time now. With the advancement in email technology, you have multiple applications that you can use for sending your emails. Hotmail and Gmail are the two prominent ones. With any of the email services that you are using, you will probably have seen the different categorization of your emails as well.

Irrespective of the application that you are using, there are three main categories of email. These include POP, IMAP, and Email exchange hosting. All these types of emails are for different purposes. If you are unaware of these different email types, then this article can be of great help. We have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using POP and Exchange category emails, so you better be ready to explore them as well.

POP Emails:

POP stands for Post Office Protocol. This type of email enables you to interact with the servers directly. Using this email, you can download your emails and they can be available for offline access. One of the features of these POP emails is that once the email is downloaded from the server, you will not be able to find it on the server again as it gets deleted. After downloading, you will be able to access it from your laptop or device on which you would have downloaded the email.

However, after downloading your POP email on one of the devices, you will not be able to access it on the other one, as it will no longer be available on the server. Like every other application, the POP emails have their own advantages and disadvantages, which are highlighted below.


Following are the advantages of using POP Emails: 1. You can download your emails only on one location so there will not be any hassle in maintaining the complete email record.
2. You can have easy access to the emails and convenience in managing all your emails.


The disadvantages of using POP Emails are: 1. You should not expect your messages to be synched
2. After downloading your email once, you cannot find it on the email server, which can be problematic if you are used to of using more than one device frequently.
3. Even your contacts and other such data cannot be synched if you are using POP Emails.

Exchange Server

Exchange Server is the other type of email facility that you can get. This type of emails is included in the complex type of email listings, which are usually accessed through the settings of your email. You can also call this exchange server as Messaging application programming interface. Initially, it was developed by Microsoft to provide the users with great ease.

This exchange server is helpful because it allows the users to such all their data from the server to the different devices. So, you can expect all your data including your contacts and email addresses. Additionally, you can also expect synchronization between email clients and services. Overall, you can expect better coordination and expect the availability of data on any device that you use. Wondering how is that possible? Exchange Server is the server that stores all of your data, address, contact number, files, and various other files. You can get all of the data easily from the computer anytime.

The Exchange Server or protocol that manages these emails allow you to manage the following three features, which are highlighted below.

1. You can access your emails remotely without having any fear of security breach, whether it is from the web browser or the application
2. You can sync all the contact information through this server
3. You can ensure backup of your data and can have safe access to it
Exchange server also has its advantages and disadvantages, which are highlighted below.


The pros of Exchange Server include the following. You can review them to know about the benefits that you can expect from Exchange Server.

1. You can sync the entire email message using it
2. Your messages and emails can be stored on your PC and the server too
3. Nearly all the mobiles support this exchange protocol, which means that you can easily access all your data from multiple sources
4. You can even use the unset features of the email using this server. You can even modify the sent emails within the domain of the server


Following are the main cons of the Exchange Server. You must consider them for evaluating the overall benefits that you can receive from the Exchange Servers.

1. It is one of the most expensive servers that the companies can use to facilitate their customers
2. You might face some synching errors in your devices or your server too. Finding the exact problem is a complex procedure, which might not lead to efficient result generation
3. Exchange protocol cannot be supported fully by every laptop or device so you might require a specific version of devices to get most of the features

Based on the pros, cons and the features of each of the categories of emails discussed, you can choose the email type that suits you the best. All of the possible benefits and disadvantages have been mentioned in detail for your convenience.

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