A Simple Glossary Of SEO Terms

A Simple Glossary Of SEO Terms - BillLentis.com


When you have a business and want to take it to the next level in terms of gaining new clientele in untapped markets, it is important to consider taking it online. More and more businesses are gravitating to creating websites to showcase their products for the whole of the world to see. Well at least that is part of the plan anyway. Some businesses create websites just to share their information and leave it at that. They do not promote the site. This is always in the hope that they will eventually find traffic to their site either by sharing or some other sort of miracle. Such sites wind up in oblivion and the business owners pay that price because they did not care enough about their site to promote it right and get it in the eyes of the right people, their ideal customers.

People looking for information but do not know of any sites to get that information go to search engines. With search engines, all you have to do is simply key in the information they want in a search box. As a business, there will be people looking for the exact product or service you are offering. At any given time, they will be looking through the results of the pages and click on a link they think will suit them. In order to be the first ones on the first page of search engines, you need to invest in search engine optimization for your website. Search Engine Optimization, SEO, can be quite intimidating at first but it is very easy once you get to know about the terms and how the concepts they define work. This article explores the main terms used in SEO and how they relate to any potential business you have.


Trust is a powerful thing. It is one of the things that once broken cannot be fixed. In SEO, authority connotes trust from the search engines. These search engines trust that you will provide nothing short of unique, original and relevant content. As a business, this concept is relatable because loyal customers trust that you will always deliver on your word and will never do anything to erode the confidence they have in you such as lower the quality of your output.

When the search engine can trust your site, it is guaranteed to rank very high. All you have to do is just be consistent and produce high-quality work that stands up to the search engine’s scrutiny. Think of it this way, when they look good, you look good as well.


Most sites have multiple pages which are loaded with plenty of information. In your website, you will have pages that tell about your business and the products or services you offer. For customers to move from one place to another in your website, they will have to use tools to get there. If they are looking for specific information, a search box will be sufficient to help them navigate there. Such tools that help users navigate a website are called breadcrumbs. In this case, you are leaving ‘breadcrumbs’ for users on your site to help them get where they need to go.


It is always remarked in SEO that Content is king. Such a bold statement can mean many things to many different people. To some, it means that anything goes for their site, while others only relevant content to the site really matters. However, the only meaning of that phrase that really matters here is that high-quality content is king, nothing short of the best. Content, here, means the parts of the website that actually offer value to the users. As you run the website for your business, you need to strive to create the best content you can for your readers and consistently as well.


If you need to get into a room, the first point of contact is a doorway. In SEO, a doorway simply means a page which attracts people to your site. Therefore, the first point of contact of your site must be loaded with a message that attracts your potential visitor by offering a snippet of a solution that your business can solve. You must work on that area so that you can hook more visitors to your site.


Once you have attracted a visitor to your site, you should provide him or her with the information they need without beating about the bush. The information presented here must be of very high quality. This is essential in building up your credibility as a business and as was stated above, once you have established trust in your business, you have an edge above everyone else.


These are links from pages that people already trust. Trust connotes credibility in the area you are dealing with and it is your duty to build trust with your potential customers at all times.

Keyword Stuffing

There is a temptation to try and get more links by exceeding the prescribed keyword density. This violation is known as keyword stuffing and is punished very severely by search engines. It usually connotes irrelevant information that has no place in the top place of a search engine result page. The temptation to add one more keyword to a copy will always be there but you have to fight against it so that you can assure the search engine that the content you are providing them is relevant. To this end, always keep an eye on how many times a keyword appears on a text to ensure that you are within the prescribe limit.

Walled Garden

This basically means a group of pages that are linked together and do not have links to external pages. In your site, you will have pages that are interlinked so as to help visitors navigate through them easily and get what they want. These pages must be found together and have no external links whatsoever.

These are the main talking points of SEO. In order to run an effective campaign, you must stick to creating relevant content, staying within the recommended keyword density and maintaining the quality of your website. These key steps will get you going in your quest for top spot in the search engine results pages.