5 Ways To Promote Your Financial Services Blog

5 Ways To Promote Your Financial Services Blog


It would have been nice if all you had to do was post good content on your blog and wait for the traffic to start flowing in naturally. But that is not how it works. There are other blogs out there competing with you. You need to put effort into promoting your blog and it takes time to achieve success. Developing effective promotion skills is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

After working hard to create quality content, it’s logical for you to promote it for others to see. It is recommended that you put in the same effort you use to create content to promote those contents. Below are a few ways you can promote your financial services blog to attract the traffic that you desire.

1. Associate With The Big Players In Your Niche

When you associate with the top players in your field, you improve your perceived authority and gain people’s trust. Getting a link to your site from a top site makes a good impression on the search engine.

Link with an influencer so that you can make contact with the big players in your niche. When you do this, they and their followers get acquainted with you. Include credible and reputable sources in your content. Cite the works of experts in your field and let them know about it. They will be motivated to re-share the content to their followers. Send direct messages to influencers and offer something that they will find helpful. It is easier to contact them when you are doing so to make an offer that will appeal to them.

2. Post On Social Media

Social media promotion is an effective way to reach out to your target market. It costs less and helps you generate a significant amount of leads. A LinkedIn study showed that 63% of customers acted on financial service or product after coming across it on social media. HubSpot also found out that lead conversion rates through social media are 13% higher than the average.

Social media helps you increase brand awareness. You have the opportunity to engage with customers and address any concerns promptly. You can address negative comments promptly to demonstrate your professionalism and integrity.

It is advisable to create content specifically for social media rather than always posting links back to your blog. The content should be tailored to the needs of your social media followers and show that you care. You will increase your brand awareness.

3. Use Social Media Targeting

You can use algorithms to target your customers through Facebook and Twitter. This means your promotions will be targeted at those who really need your products and services. They will be grateful to you for offering those products and services.

Advertise on these platforms means you pay for traffic but it’s different from buying an email list or buying leads. The latter yield very little results because most of the people who will receive the emails would not find them useful. However, when you pay for targeted add on social media, you divert targeted traffic from the top players to yourself.

4. Remember To Get Social On Social Media.

Remember that the aim of social media is to socialise. It is not originally meant for posting promotions and advertisements. In the financial services sector, trust is very important. So engage with your customers on a personal level. This will help you build trust and make you stand out from your competitors. When you engage with customers, you learn about their needs and how to serve them more efficiently.

You may not get comments on your blog from the first day you start. It’s nothing g to worry about. Remember that it takes time. But make sure you are there to interact with the customer whenever someone drops a comment. You can also be the one to start a conversation. Ask question to find out more about your customers. This will give you the opportunity to know them and satisfy their needs.

5. Become A Thought Leader

To become a thought leader in the industry, share valuable information that your followers need to know. You can share advice and industry updates to show that you are informed. It will boost your image better if you create most of the content yourself or take content from reputable sources to create something useful for your audience.

As a thought leader, you should use your experience and expertise to make intelligent predictions about future trends in the industry. Always be in tune with new events in your industry and be available to express your opinion and analyze the issue. Find blogs of other thought leaders and follow them. Make valuable contributions to those blogs. This will draw their attention to your blog, and they will ask for your opinion on important issues.

If you can handle being controversial, say something different from what everyone is saying or say something that everyone else is afraid to say. This will draw attention to you. When you push conversations into new territories, you will earn respect and everyone would like to hear what you have to say whenever an issue arises.

You can also join an influential community like Quora. Establish yourself as an authority by answering questions intelligently and proffering solutions to problems. This way you will build your reputation.

Promoting your financial services blog is much more than just promotion. Done right, it will help you to learn more about your customers, develop your brand’s authority and trust, and differentiate your offering from everybody else in the market. The effort you put into promoting your financial services blog isn’t just for nothing. If you do it right, you will learn more about your customers, build brand awareness and trust and make yourself stand out from the competition. So make sure that you do not relent in your efforts. You will see positive results with time.