5 Video Marketing Tips To Help Grow Your Business

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Video marketing has become part and parcel of today’s marketing, and many marketers are turning to that to promote their products and services. In a competitive market, therefore, it is important to stand out from the rest of the crowd by delivering videos that makes you a brand, reaches a large target audience and allows them to connect to you. Many customers look to get information about products and services online, and videos play a huge role in influencing them to make a purchase decision. Here are some video marketing tips that will cause you to outshine your competition and help grow your business.

Know Your Niche

Explore and understand your target market and those already in the space; this is useful in creating content about your video. Do thorough and detailed research on the area you feel is what you would like to focus on, addressing people from the point of knowledge brings a lot of credibilities. You can easily tell the difference between someone who has information about what they are talking about and someone who has only basic knowledge. It takes a lot of effort to make a video viral. To dominate the market, come up with content that will capture your audience by telling a story that will resonate with your audience and evoke emotions. People will have strong emotions towards a family reunion after a while or a video of someone overcoming adversity. According to psychology, the human mind will be empathetic in situations that evoke that emotion so you may want to tap into this human psychology, by aligning your video to express empathy to the different needs of your audience. Offer solutions constructive solutions to the needs of people and you will convert them to customers.

Make A Strong Impression

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to videos, people decide whether to skip to the next video within 5 to 30 seconds of watching. The tone you set at the beginning of your video will make the audience either view your video or ignore it. To set a good tone, you can speak as if you are having a conversation with your friends rather than coming out as a person introducing themselves to a bunch of strangers. Have a unique way of creating your brand awareness that captivates the audience, whether it is a little humor or a tease as long as you maintain professionalism. You are likely to swoop the audience off their feet with a great introduction.

Create How – To Videos

The goal of marketing serves to promote a product or service to encourage people to buy or utilize the services and to build a continuous relationship with customers. The great way to approach the audience and compel them to buy would then be if you can demonstrate how the service or product will impact their lives and serve to bring a solution to a need. Describing the features of a product or service is good for viewers. But to move things to the next level, you need an audience to connect with it. Majority of people make purchases based on the feelings they have towards the product or service. The how-video helps viewers create a relation of the product to their problem. How-to videos attract more online views and make it easy for both customers and marketers to get what they want.

Focus On FAQs

Your audience always has questions, and they sure do deserve answers, the majority would not like to read the answers but rather hear the answers from you. Frequently Asked Questions is a good approach in online video marketing, and many are embracing this technique to attract a larger audience. New questions will always arise from your audience, and therefore there is a need to create videos to address them.

FAQs help create a customer based approach to marketing, that focuses more on the needs of the customer. This technique allows customers to get useful answers to what might not be clear or to connect better with the product or service. It helps in creating trust, authenticity and builds credibility that goes a long way in creating brand ambassadors for your brand. FAQs need to be short and straight to the point; you do not need to take a lot of time on it otherwise the audience might lose interest in what is you are trying to get across.

End With A Strong Call to Action

The end is just as important as the start, how you end your video will also affect how customers will resonate to it. Don’t waste a great introduction by ending your video on a flat note. Calling your audience to action at the end will motivate them to take the step from viewers to customers and even repeat customers.

Call to action offers clear guidance to customers about how they should proceed from the video and makes it easier for them to take that next step. Customers themselves anticipate the call to action to follow after a great pitch, so it is best not to disappoint them. Ending on this note will also make your video memorable to your audience, even if they don’t purchase at that moment, they will remember your product and maybe refer it to others that need it more.


Online video marketing has become the most effective way to promote products/ services and boost sales. If you are starting on it, you can make the video more effective by utilizing all of the above techniques. Having a great video is not about how much you will use in creating the video but rather in the how you deliver the video. Know your area of expertise, make a great impression on the audience, offer solutions to their needs, answer the questions they might have and motivate them to buy the product or acquire the service.