5 Tips On How To Manage Local SEO For Increasing Website Rank

5 Tips On How To Manage Local SEO For Increasing Website Rank - BillLentis.com


With the excessive reliance on the internet, people have started searching for everyday products on the internet. Same is the case with the local search. People search for the local content by specifying a particular location along with the product or service and the localized results are displayed to hem by the search engine. So how do the results show up? The business incorporates the right kind of keywords along with the name of the location to get results. The number of local searches is increasing more than ever because of the availability of smartphones everywhere. According to research conducted by Google, you can expect 76% of the people searching the local business through a smartphone to actually visit the stores.

In case you are aiming to increase traffic to your store, then you’ll have to improve your business ranking in the local search. This is only possible if you are going to manage the visibility of your website on the search engine and this is definitely possible through search engine optimization.

What Is Local SEO?

In case you are new to the entire concept, we can help you in getting a brief detail about the concept. Local SEO is similar to the simple SEO. It is organically conducted and it can help in making your business famous in your locality. Although, most of the concepts involved in local SEO is similar to the traditional SEO that you might be using before but the local one is more challenging.

You can add in the following suggestions to your website if you are really willing to take up a better position as compared to your competitors.

1. Consider Content Marketing As An Option

Content marketing is the first and foremost way through which you can improve your local SEO. You’ll have to make a few changes in your existing content marketing strategies to make it adaptable to the new local SEO friendly. You can go for some of the following steps.

You might already be using blogging because it is one of the important technique for grabbing the intention of the users and search engines at the same time. For maintaining SEO through these blogs, you’ll need to diversify and talk about your products at some other place too. You can earn your backlinks with guest posts too long with the generation of other benefits. So, overall, going for the guest blog posting is a good idea. In local SEO, backlinks form the important part of the algorithm of the search engine, so you must use it for generating positive results.

Apart from backlinks, you can generate more traffic for your website that can be helpful in converting potential customers to the actual one. However, the problem that you can face here is the platform for writing your guest post. Not every business or website can facilitate you here. You’ll need to search on the internet by using specific keywords including “Write for us” “Guest post submission”. With these phrases, you can expect some relevant websites to be displayed.

2. Use Specific And Local Keyword Phrases

Keywords are important for the application of SEO. So you must search the keywords related to your business that are mostly used by the people. Incorporating such keywords in your website content can increase the ranking of your page. You can use these keywords in the simple website content or the blog posts that you are writing for your business. The search engine must find the relevant keywords, the easiness, and the flow of the content for the users.

3. Relate Local Audience To The Content

By using the keywords, you must create content that would attract the local audience. Going for “best of” and “top 10” things or businesses regarding your industry can be a good option. Additionally, incorporating “How to” articles can be helpful in generating the required traffic on your business.

4. Incorporate Social Media Marketing

The users of social media are increasing rapidly, so must use this platform for attracting customers for your business. All of the media available can be utilized including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Make sure you have an updated page that provides the visitors with the latest information. Additionally, engaging on the social media posts can also be used as the strategy or increasing the traffic to the website.

Additionally, the creation of local groups on all the social media platforms can also be possible. You can also join the existing ones based on your industry or create a new one. Moreover, taking help from the local Facebook pages might also help you in promoting your business and generating results.

5. Write About Local Activities

Using the content that will interest the local audience can also be considered as one the ways to engage the audience. Additionally, generation of backlinks is also possible by writing about this type of content. You can go for sponsoring the local sports event or a dram festival. It will help you in gaining the media coverage and enhance our following not only on your social media pages but in the physical world too. The local media can also give you the right kind of coverage of you’ll support the local teams or other local events.

Additionally, writing blogs with a number of images and videos can also help you in generating positive results. So, you can consider it as well.


With these tips, you can set up your content in the direction where you can generate local traffic for your website. The generation of local traffic on your website will enhance the overall traffic to your stores and the chances of converting customers would be higher.