5 Inevitable Signs Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plan Is Not Working

5 Inevitable Signs Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plan Is Not Working - BillLentis.com



The appropriate Pay/click (PPC) advertising plan will increase the ROI (return on investment) and create instant cash flow, which will in return add massive profits into your business. Whether you are a recognized or a newly established online business, it certainly pays to create a solid marketing campaign. Therefore, for the purpose of increasing your success possibilities, it is essential that all business owners learn what does not work and what does. Below are five inevitable signs that your PPC marketing plan is not working.

You Don’t Have An Objective

When you do not have an extensive plan in position, you are simply not obtaining the best form your clicks. The first thing you should do is to determine the budget of your marketing plan then develop some common goals. These goals may include; the costs/ conversion, the minimum number of the AdWords that you are targeting and the targeted amount of clicks generated by sales. Once you have put your goals in place, you have two alternatives. You can either chose to Do-It-Yourself or outsource to experts who have the ability of taking you from that stage of setting goals to development of a comprehensive strategy. This will ensure that you are getting the possible maximum returns.

You Randomly Selected The Keywords

This simply means that pay per click advertising plan requires a keyword research that is laser focused so that it can be effective. First and foremost, keyword research should be conducted during the beginning of the planning stage. However, a proficient advertising company can proceed to conduct the research in every part of cross-optimization so as to produce conversions rates that are even higher. Keywords can certainly break or make your marketing campaign.

You Have A Bland Copy

If you have an uninteresting advertisement, you have entirely missed to understand the aim of the marketing plan. You advertisement happens to be the calling card. Therefore, you want the ad to attract quality leads as much as it can. Strong contents inducing buyers are one method of ensuring that the advertisement is irresistible. The agency that knows your goal can detail the site location and product descriptions to as to boost the rates of click-through.

Hostile Landing Page

It’s essential to direct incoming guests to a particular web page referred to as the landing page in your site instead of directing them to the homepage. Although this might appear counter- intuitive, this strategy has its own benefits. For one, they enable you to modify the message for the incoming guests. This simply indicates that you’ll be able to proceed with message you began with your advertisements thus creating an adhering experience. The other reason is the fact that landing pages enable you to drive the traffic towards certain actions like downloading the free e-book. Bear in mind that displaying the traditional navigation might distract the visitors.

Additionally, they allow you easily track the visits of your site. This is very essential. Using this strategy in association with other tracking tools, will enable you get certain information concerning how you can sell and reach to the new visitors. For some cases, one can create one landing page that will be used for the entire advertising campaign. However, in others, one might need to create specific land pages for all keywords they purchase.

The landing page of your website should offer the ultimate UI (User Experience). It should feature simple and focused content that complements the message that you place in your advertisement. High bouncing rates are frequently attributed to unmet expectations and poor design of the landing page. If the landing page of your site reflects the advertisement and provides simple navigation, together with the call-to-actions button certain to exceed or meet the client expectations, you are definitely inside the game.

The landing page will help you to track the visitors coming into your site and specifically how effective your advertisements are. It’s essential to bear in mind that you should block the landing pages that are customized for the web search engines. This step will make the advertisement tracking to become more reliable. This is due to the fact that allowing the search engines to direct non paid guests to your landing page might result to false impression of the page’s performance.

You’re Displaying Negative Keywords

This is a beginner mistake, yet some pay-per-clicks marketing campaigns fail due to the display of negative keywords in the advertisements. Negative keywords refer to the words or phrases you don’t have the interest of ranking for and do not match the landing pages of your site. This can certainly be a very costly mistake over a relatively long period of time.

Every Pay-Per-Clicks campaign manager should be aware about the essences of the negative keywords. Additionally, they should know how they minimize unproductive advertisement cost, clicks and impressions. Adding and finding negative keywords has become the preferred ‘dirty and quick’ PPC optimization strategy by most people. Since finding and adding negative keywords is extremely easy, the list of negative keywords gets bigger with time. In addition, PPC managers regularly copy paste the lists of negative keywords form one advertising campaign or group to another or form a certain network to the other without giving much consideration. This result to increase in the amount of lists of large and bulky keywords that you should manage.

Regularly, substantial amount of the negative keywords that are contained in the lists are not related to the advertisement campaigns/ groups they’re applied to. The disadvantage of this kind of management is the fact that misapplied negative keywords instantly kills the legitimate volume of clicks and impression. Luckily, this problem can easily be detected and fixed. However, such misuse of the negative keywords may affect the effectiveness of your PPC marketing plan.


Bear in mind the fact this kind of marketing plan requires a continuous optimization. Therefore, it is not an approach of set it then forget it.