3 Strategies Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keyword Research For The Service Based Enterprises

3 Strategies Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keyword Research For The Service Based Enterprises - BillLentis.com



As a marketer or a business owner of a service based enterprise, it is very important to let the search engines know you location and the services you are offering. This will ensure that you are appearing In front in the search pages of your relevant audience and also regularly occurring in the result pages.

How Do People Find You When They Are Interested In Your Offerings Or Products?

What do use when you are interested in finding an interior designer, restaurant or lawyer? Most people certainly use Google!

However, with extremely many enterprises which are competing for the attention of everybody, if you happen to be an enterprise that is based in offering services, you certainly need to concentrate on the SEO (search engines optimization) as your top strategies of marketing in social networks.

One major component of search engines optimization is to get the targeted and relevant keywords that tend to provide a certain connection between those services that you are offering and what your target market audience is looking for.

In this article, we have highlighted three strategies of SEO (search engine optimization) keyword research for the service based enterprises that will help you to get started in your business:

1. Carry Out A Comprehensive Review Of Your Enterprise

You cannot develop a keyword strategy of search engines optimization for your business that offers services till you clearly understand who is visiting your website and what they are searching for.

Head into your account of Google Analytics and looks for various statistics such as:

• Which keywords are people using in order to land in your website?
• What web pages are they staying on and which one are they leaving?
• Where they are geographically located?

After doing so, you can then fine- tune the keywords that you should target (such as including names of the cities to the phrases that are service based), view the keywords that are not showing up within your data then create web content that will enhance the UX (users’ experience).

2. Observe What Your Competitor Is Doing

Regardless of whether it is a firm that has existed in the industry for many years and seems ranked at the top position or even a newer enterprise that is service based, you are required to picture the landscape of all competitive keywords. Find out which firm shows up once you Google search what your clients or customers are searching for. Additionally, find out which other firm is offering similar service to yours within a certain geographic location.

You should also note the kind of content that they are offering their potential customers and clients and how properly are their websites optimized for specific keywords. This will assist you to be aware of the keywords that they are targeting and those they are not.

3. Concentrate On The Long Tail Keywords

The long tail keywords refer to the types of keywords that tend to have a minimum of 3 or even a maximum of 5 words within the key phrase. These type f keywords are utilized when the site needs to improve the search terms in the webpage and when a consumer is searching for something that is rather specific. Similar to the normal keywords, these types of keywords are also used in defining the content in the webpage and the things the publisher wishes discovered in the web search engines plus in the results pages of search engine. These keywords tend to be very specific and attract less traffic into the website. However, they attract quality traffic that results to more conversions as compared to the normal keywords. Additionally, these keywords can be utilized by visitors and publishers in various ways.

Basically, the more popular the keyword is, the harder that keyword becomes to rank it for that specific search term. The service- based enterprises should also research and utilize the long tail keywords. These are the keywords that tend to be specific in whatever services you are offering.

As we previously stated, the long tail keywords tend to bring less traffic into the site as compared to the shorter keywords which tend to be high ranking. However, the traffic brought by the long tail keywords happens to be much targeted.

For instance, you may be in tax accounting and specializes in the returns of individuals who have another home in a different country or home stagers who mainly work in 3 bedroom ranchers located in the city’s east side. Whatever the niche that you work in, let the world (local) know!

First Carry Out A Keyword Research And Then Develop A Search Engines Optimization Strategy

Regardless of whether your firm owns the storefront location or it’s all online, search engines optimization is essential for any enterprise that is based in offering services. Carry out your keyword research in order to come up with a concrete keyword strategy which will assist you in dominating the ranking of local search engines.


Although the big multinational firms use the Search engines optimization strategies In order to gain customers and clients from all parts of the world, small enterprises that only deal with customers and clients within the business’ geographic location needs the local leads only. We have therefore looked at some search engines optimization strategies that you, as a business owner of a service based enterprise, can use in order to gain the visibility of local customers and clients. Additionally, apart from the three SEO strategies that we have gone through in this article, it is worth noting that there are many other things that the service based enterprises can try in order to attract the right traffic.

You do not have to perform this all alone! You may opt to employ a professional in search engines optimization (SEO). They will carry out the keyword research then develop the SEO strategy in the appropriate way in order to allow you concentrate on growing your enterprise through other ways.