Razer Kraken: Definitive Review 2021

Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com

An Amazing, Affordable Headset and Our Editor’s Choice!

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Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
This is the Ultimate Review of the Kraken (Original) Gaming Headset…
In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover:

• Specs for the headset – including audio, driver size and weight.
• What I really liked about this headset – and a few things I didn’t.
• How well this original headset stands up against all the other Razer headsets we looked at.
• Lots more…

So what is the best Razer headset?

Let’s cut to the chase… we tested the top 10 Razer headsets on the market, and the original Kraken was the best… by a county mile.

Want to know why?

Well, in this review, we’re going to cover all of that and more!

So if you want a lightweight, affordable headset with everything you need to boost your gaming experience, look no further!

Let’s get started.

Editor’s Choice Award

Our Editor’s Choice always goes to an exceptional product that either scored highly in all the most critical areas, or blew us away with a few fantastic features and excellent overall quality.

However, I happen to reach this conclusion; my Editor’s Choice is always my favorite overall option on the list.

So it’s no surprise that this accolade went to the original headset.

Value for Money10
Ease of Use9
Audio Quality7
Total Score44
Overall Score  /10088
Pros• Excellent price point
• Durable yet lightweight construction
• Very comfortable
Cons• Some issues with audio controls
• No wireless capabilities or noise cancellation
AudioStereo Surround Sound
Driver Size50mm
Weight0.7 lbs

Bottom Line An excellent and budget-friendly pair of headphones. Great for beginners and experienced gamers alike.

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Our Verdict

Razer Kraken Review - Bass - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. That’s always been my favorite way of looking at things, and too many times, I’ve seen great products ruined by someone overthinking their original design.

And that was pretty relevant for this line of headsets.

Since creating this original gaming headset, I haven’t found a single Razer headset that I preferred more – once I weighed all the factors that make a headset worth buying, that is.

So what made the original Kraken gaming headset so good?

First off, it’s really affordable.

To me, this is probably the most crucial factor, and I’m sure the same is true for plenty of other gamers out there.

True… You may be willing to shell out for a nice headset – but if you can get that same quality with a smaller price tag, why not?

And that’s exactly what you’ll see from this headset. This headset also boasts one of the most comfortable frames on the market. Fitted with the perfect amount of padding, the Kraken headset neither overheats your ears, nor pinches them with hard plastic.

However, while these headphones will treat your ears kindly, this comfort doesn’t compromise their serious gaming potential. Unlike some of the other headsets I’ve owned in the past, comfort is just one facet of what makes this one killer headset.

With that in mind, the original Krakens are also very durable and deceptively easy to use.

These two often go hand-in-hand, with the most confusing technology often being the most fragile and finicky.

However… during my testing, I found the Krakens to be sturdy and reliable in both proverbial mind and body. The on-ear control scheme is simplistic but responsive, giving you access to all the essential functions of any headset.

And I immediately fell in love with the headset’s lightweight aluminum construction.

Coming hand-in-hand with excellent padding, the headset doesn’t weigh much and won’t strain your neck during prolonged gaming.

However… the aluminum construction also means that a few drops and bangs won’t cause any lasting harm. I even tested this out with my pair, tossing them onto the table and floor while sitting at my desk.

As far as audio quality goes, there’s a lot to like, though this was the weakest performance metric for this headset.

Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
To an extent, this was to be expected. When you’re buying a budget headset, there’s going to be some shortcomings, no matter how much you love the pair overall.

For me, this was this headset’s audio quality.

Featuring the classic stereo surround sound, you’ll find on most Razer headsets, the incoming audio is decent, but nothing spectacular. Several of the other headsets on the list – particularly those with the THX Spatial Audio – had much better quality.

However, Razer is known for its excellent mics, and this headset is no exception. Both retractable and voice-isolating, it once again outperforms all expectations for a gaming headset at this price point.

So, where does this leave us?

Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
Overall, the only underwhelming area was the incoming audio, and even that met my low bar for a gaming headset – certainly in this price range.

With this headset, you’ll get your money’s worth again and again, and it’s hard to find a better reason to buy than that!

PictureModelPriceBestOverall Score
Razer Kraken Gaming Headset - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.comRazer KrakenCheck Amazon's PriceBest Gaming Headset88
Razer Nari Ultimate - 00811659030856 - BillLentis MediaRazer Nari UltimateCheck Amazon's PriceBest Value Headset86
Razer Kraken X USB - 00811659032867 - BillLentis.comRazer Kraken X USBCheck Amazon's PriceBest USB – Our Pick80
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma Headset - 00814855022496 - BillLentis.comRazer Kraken 7.1Check Amazon's PriceBest Wired Headset84
Razer Blackshark - 00811659037572 - BillLentis.comRazer BlacksharkCheck Amazon's PriceBest Headset For PS484
Razer Kitty Edition w/Ears - 00811659033697 - BillLentis.comRazer Kitty EditionCheck Amazon's PriceBest Pink Gaming Headset80
Razer Thresher - 08886419371311 - BillLentis.comRazer ThresherCheck Amazon's PriceBest Wireless Headset For PS474
Razer D.Va Headset - RZ04-02400100-R3M1 - BillLentis.comRazer D.VaCheck Amazon's PriceBest Analog Gaming Headset80
Kraken Ultimate - 00811659035431 - BillLentis.comKraken UltimateCheck Amazon's PriceBest Noise Cancelling Headset82
Our Analysis Comparisons and Test Results Performance Comparison That Razer Kraken Ranks Value for Money
Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
While Value for Money may seem pretty straightforward, there’s a bit more nuance to this rating than you might think.

After all, a simple price comparison only gets you so far, especially when it comes to tech products.

How would you rank the comparatively minimalistic Kraken X USB against the high-tech Razer Nari by price alone?

For this measure, I weigh the cost of the headset against all the other factors on the list.

However… it’s also important to take any cool gaming features or add-ons into consideration as well.

Anyway, Here’s Where We Landed

Value For Money  Total Marks Out of 10
Razer Kraken10
Razer Nari Ultimate10
Razer Blackshark9
Kraken Ultimate8
Razer Kraken X USB8
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma7
Razer D.Va7
Razer Thresher7
Razer Pink Kitty Edition6

2 – Ease of Use

When it comes to gaming headsets, ease of use mostly comes down to on-headset controls and any relevant difficulties with wireless connections.

Given that many of the headsets on this list were wired (and therefore we couldn’t compare battery life), it was mainly a question of the on-headset control scheme: how intuitively it was set up, how well-spaced the buttons and dials were set – and especially for relevant gaming adjustments.

Ease Of UseTotal Marks Out of 10
Razer Kraken X USB10
Razer D.Va10
Razer Kraken9
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma9
Razer Blackshark9
Razer Pink Kitty Edition9
Razer Nari Ultimate8
Razer Thresher7
Kraken Ultimate7

3. Durability/ Workmanship

This is a pretty imprecise metric, but I’m looking at what kind of material(s) the headset is made of and how well the entire gaming headset is put together.

In some cases, this corresponds with usability as well – if the manufacturers made some truly boneheaded design decision, I’d knock both metrics.

However… durability will always factor the highest in my appraisal, so I’m mostly looking at how sturdy the headset feels during my trials. Like the Kraken X USB, some gaming headsets fell in this category due to a lack of durability.

Durability/WorkmanshipTotal Marks Out of 10
Razer Kraken9
Razer Pink Kitty Edition9
Razer Thresher9
Kraken Ultimate9
Razer Nari Ultimate8
Razer Kraken X USB7
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma7
Razer Blackshark7
Razer D.Va6

4. Comfort

Comfort is one of the most important factors when it comes to any gaming headset. After all, if you’re immersed in your favorite game, you want to be able to handle long gaming sessions without the distraction of a sore neck or aching ears.

The most significant factors I was looking at included headband padding, insulation, ear cushions, coolness and weight, all of which play heavily into how comfortable your experience will be.

ComfortTotal Marks Out of 10
Razer Nari Ultimate10
Razer Blackshark10
Razer Kraken9
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma9
Razer Pink Kitty Edition9
Kraken Ultimate9
Razer Thresher8
Razer Kraken X USB8
Razer D.Va7

5. Audio Quality

Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
Finally, there’s Audio Quality – how good all your in-game sounds, music or voice comms come through – and how well everyone else can hear you.

Kind of necessary for headsets, right?

And that’s something to keep in mind – for this metric, I was looking at both how crisp my own experience was and how well the mic worked at isolating my voice from other background noises.

Audio QualityTotal Marks Out of 10
Razer Thresher9
Kraken Ultimate8
Razer Kraken7
Razer Nari Ultimate7
Razer Kraken X USB7
Razer Blackshark7
Razer Pink Kitty Edition7
Razer D.Va7
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma7

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Are Razer Headsets good?
A – He simple answer is yes; Razer headsets are good. This headset is one of the best gaming headsets in its price range, featuring some outstanding features and excellent overall quality.

Q – Which Razer Headset is the best?
A – For our money, the original Kraken was the best for its price. Some of the more expensive headsets, like the Ultimate Edition, feature improved audio and gel cooling. However, for its price, the original Kraken gaming headset takes the biscuit.

Q – Is this headset wired?
A – Yes. This headset doesn’t have wireless capabilities and uses a standard 3.5mm connector. However, this does have the benefit of eliminating battery life concerns.

Q – Is the Kraken’s microphone retractable?
A – Yes! You can easily retract your microphone when you’re not using it. While many other headsets in this price range feature bendable mics, as with the Kraken X USB, I was impressed with the versatility of the Kraken’s retractable version.

Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com

Our Final Verdict: The Original Kraken

So what’s my biggest takeaway from the time I spent with the Razer Kraken?

Fundamentals over flair.

This headset puts its points in all the right perks – and it’s one of my favorite headsets ever for that reason. Every subsequent version of this headset, which attempted to improve some aspect of the original, ends up detracting from its performance in some other way.

In many cases, the price of these “superior” headphones far exceeded the Kraken’s (especially when you factor in the price of an Xbox One, PS5, or Nintendo Switch console). And in other cases, the add-ons complicated my experience, as with the Kraken X USB, further pushing me into the original Kraken camp.

At the end of the day, testing the Kraken was a balanced, enjoyable experience that far outstripped my expectations in almost every metric.

So there you have it, that’s my last word on the subject.

Which will be on your shopping list? Is it going to be the Original Kraken? Or will it be one of our other top choices?

I’m handing the baton over to you to choose!

As you can see, the upper end of this list has some pretty stacked competition, and you really can’t go wrong with the Kraken, Nari or Chroma headsets (the Blackshark is solid as well!).
Best Razer Kraken Review - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
Best OverallTotal Marks Out of 100
Razer Kraken88
Razer Nari Ultimate86
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma84
Razer Blackshark84
Kraken Ultimate82
Razer Pink Kitty Edition80
Razer Thresher80
Razer Kraken X USB80
Razer D.Va74

Conclusion: Razer Kraken

Best Razer Kraken Review - Cooling Gel - 00814855023899 - BillLentis.com
So there you have it!

We’ve done the hard work testing and putting this review together – now it’s up to you to make your choice… Did this review convince you, or do you plan to do some more research before making the leap?

See owner reviews and check out current prices by clicking on the link below.

If you’re in the market for another excellent (and slightly more luxurious) headset, see our top recommendations below.

Also go and check out best

Other Versions:

There are several different versions of the Kraken gaming headset. This review was for the original headset, and each of the other versions includes additional features and an adjusted price point.

The Ultimate has improved sound quality, wireless capabilities, and gel-infused cushions on its headphones that feature cooling gel to stop your ears from heating up during longer gaming sessions (particularly when playing the Xbox One, PS5, or Nintendo Switch).

There is also the Tournament Edition, another excellent choice for serious gamers (though it lacks the Ultimate Edition’s comfortable headphones).

The Razer Kraken Tournament Edition features THX Audio and is one of the best options for console gamers playing on the Xbox One, PS5, Nintendo Switch, or other new consoles.

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Razer Kraken Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate - 00811659030856 - BillLentis Media
Meanwhile, the Chroma has Chroma led lights that add some flair to your gamer setup, as well as THX Spatial audio for better incoming audio than the standard stereo surround sound.


Kraken Ultimate - 00811659035431 - BillLentis.com
Finally, the Kraken X USB is a lighter version of the original – though it does have some durability issues. It features a USB connector rather than the traditional 3.5mm wired connection for an excellent wired gaming experience.