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In the scorching heat of summer, you are surely going to get too much exhausted of the irresistibly high temperature. Now when you think of buying an air conditioner for your comfort, you are worried about paying too much out of pocket. In this situation, you should go for the top-rated portable A/C with all the desired features. The specifications make them different from the rest which you need to know for sure.

Whynter ARC-122DS Portable A/C

Whynter ARC-122DS Portable A/C - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Easy to handle and carry, 12,000 BTU, very light in weight. More to know: although it looks lightweight and so small in size that you do not expect such feature in a typical air conditioner, yet it can provide you with the best cooling service. The portable air conditioner with an incredibly lightweight is all you want in just the good rates. The most preferred feature of all is the quality of being portable as a result of which you get the utmost comfort. This feature allows you to take it in the place of your house where you are going to work, spend time or taking rest.

A lightweight with a small size cannot provide you with the desired performance like efficiently cooling a room, or probably, it’s just a common perception. Whynter ARC-122DS is incredible in the way that it is something different from the same class of A/Cs that are not meant to give the desired results. The two-way exhaust is another amazing quality owing to which it works efficiently and up to the mark. Moreover, it is the type of air conditioner that does not add the disturbing noise in the environment because of being quieter.

When it comes to the question of portable air conditioners, one may think of them not as much capacity as the other A/Cs are, but to your amazement, Whynter ARC-122DS is able to give the satisfactory outcome.

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LG LP1415WXRSM - BillLentis.com
Specifications: The amount of heat it removes is around 14,000 BTU, able to cool a room of nearly 46 square meters.

More to know: the capability of LG LP1415WXRSM is amazing in the way that it can cool off a room of fairly large size.

You may not want more BTUs when you have to cool off a room with an average or smaller size. If you have to do it for a larger room then the first idea that pops in your mind is to find something to fix. Moreover, when the temperature is too high, you would think the same thing, isn’t it?

Now think of an idea when the air conditioner is 14,000 BTU and is portable too. This seems incredible but if you try LG LP1415WXRSM this seems assuredly possible. This A/C has the capability of cooling a room with an area as large as 500 square feet. This feature of amazing power is the thing that one likes the most. Some of the built-in features stun everyone. This LG LP1415WXRSM has the feature of Wi-Fi as well.

Although it cannot be called as a state of the art technology as the built-in or other features are those which you see in a number of devices or appliances, yet it is innovative in another way. As for the Wi-Fi, it is the type of feature that one may not think of having in an air conditioner. You can enjoy this feature in the pleasurable environment of your room. Another important feature is the ease of operating it from any place you go.

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Honeywell Contempo HL10CE

Honeywell Contempo HL10CE - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Single-hose exhaust, capability of 10,000 BTU

More to know: This is the type of air conditioner that is best suitable for people seeking low price appliances. The cooling capability of Honeywell Contempo HL10CE is mediocre and not as good as the other portable air conditioners of the same class. Despite this fact, it has the feature of being operated at the lowest possible sound. In fact, it is quieter than a lot. Being single-hose unit, it is less effective in cooling off a room.

It is able to cool a small room of your house or office but if you check the price, it is a lot more affordable than a lot of others. For a small accommodation, where you want to enjoy a pleasant environment and also want to have something to handle the way you want, you must buy Honeywell Contempo HL10CE. A lot of air conditioners with the features of being low-priced, being portable and have single-hose exhaust are available but Honeywell Contempo HL10CE is the best regarding the afore-mentioned features.

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Whynter ARC-143MX

Whynter ARC-143MX - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Ozone friendly, the capability of around 14,000 BTU

More to know: When it comes to the rating of the portable air conditioners which have the best cooling power, Whynter ARC-143MX comes at the top of the long list of this type of air conditioners. The appearance is just worth noticing and is designed really beautifully as a pretty addition to the interior. The cooling power is just wonderful and is able to cool off a large room.

Whynter ARC-143MX is ozone friendly as it does not release the type of chemicals that deplete ozone. The CFC’s are not released which is a reason why it is preferred. It is environment-friendly and is able to save resources and cutting off the rates that you have to pay for electricity. The filters ensure a good cleaning. The two-way hose enables the most efficient cooling.

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Specification: Capability of 12,000 BTU

More to know: The size of LG LP1414XR is able to be accommodated by a small space. The quality of being moveable makes it easy to handle. The size is able to fit in a space in which you find it difficult to put a huge object like a conventional air conditioner. In that small space, the fair capability of cooling makes it the best.

The small size is not at all a feature to spoil the beauty of the interior. It just enhances the aesthetic appeal along with providing the best results. Although it is not very light yet it has the capacity to create the best ambiance for you as you desire. The zapper that is used to control it contains LCD which is the best feature make it effectively operational. For your small apartment, LG LP1414XR is a great piece to make it comfortable, even if not make the décor smarter. With the 12,000 BTUs, you should not worry about any feature which is lacking or is less desirable than the other air conditioners of the same category.

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The Consumers – Choice Of The Previous Year

Honeywell MN10CESWW

Honeywell MN10CESWW - BillLentis.com
Specifications: Capability of 10,000 BTU

More to know: What do you need more than a versatile equipment which is available at a fairly low, or more precisely, at the affordable price? We are definitely talking about Honeywell MN10CESWW portable air conditioner. Anyone who checks the specifications and the price cannot overlook this one as being less efficient than any of the portable air conditioners.

The system designed for evaporation is built so carefully and thoughtfully that you hold no reservations regarding the evaporation. It is best in the blistering temperature of the summer when you find no way to set up a comfortable environment for you. The price of this piece is not at all a burden on your budget. If you are looking for something that is cheaper and perfect for a small area, you need to definitely go for Honeywell MN10CESWW. It may not be good for a large room or apartment but it can be a perfect choice if you want to scale down the costs of managing a small area.

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NewAir AC-10100E

NewAir AC-10100E - BillLentis.com
Specifications: self-evaporating operation, 10,000 BTU

More to know: with a good system of drainage, NewAir AC-10100E is the best as it is easy in operation as well. The system of filtration matters a lot especially in the regions where there is a serious problem of air pollution. This type of dirty environment demands an efficient system of purification. NewAir AC-10100E is built by keeping this into mind. The filters work incredibly well and would never result in the physical problems arising due to the polluted air.

The quick cooling system makes it more efficient and preferable. The feature of portability makes it easy to operate and handle. At times, the grossly dirty air combines with the moisture to make the environment worse than before. The carefully designed filters are just a way to keep the air fresh all the time. It ensures that you may not encounter any health complication.

It cannot help in enhancing the beauty of your décor and cannot be considered as a decoration piece in your room. This does not make it less valuable or something to look through as the other features that it has made it amazing and consumers’ first choice.

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The Operation Of Air Conditioners

Could you think up something that does not comply with the science or scientific law? It may seem ridiculous but it is true that the air conditioner does this and not complies with it.

The chemical compounds are known as ‘refrigerants’ are used in the air conditioners. They help in making the hot air drift through the air conditioners. This air drifts through the coils which decrease the temperature of the air. The coils are of two types in which one has to act as evaporator while other coils condense the air. When the warm air flows through these coils, the heat present in it is absorbed and as a result of which it is cooled down.

The coils where the air reaches at the end are the condenser coils. The coils help to remove the heat created in a process. The exhaust helps to let this heat go outside. The back part designed for this purpose also works as the exhaust functions. The procedure can be different according to the type of air conditioner.

Should You Go For Room A/C Or A Portable One?

We can guide you a bit on this that whether you should go for the portable air conditioner or the one that is installed.

It depends on the way your house is built and the windows are installed. The installation should be the way that makes the window-mounted air conditioner installed properly. In certain houses, windows move from side to side which is not at all a good setting for a window A/C. contrary to it, the houses where the windows open the other way can install the window A/C. in order to fit in every setting, transportable air conditioners are designed.

When we think of the portable air conditioners we think at once that the A/C is able to be moved freely. This does not happen in every case. There are air conditioners which are not that much lighter in weight and needs to put at a particular place or should be moved by taking the help of the wheels. Moreover, the system of exhaust may also make you keep it at a particular place.

If we compare both the types of air conditioners, the most important point owing to which the portable air conditioners are preferred is the quality of being affordable. This makes them really attracted to the consumers. Apart from this, in most of the other features window A/C is more useful than the portable one.

As far as the maintenance is concerned, the portable air conditioner has handy maintenance. The system of drainage is comparatively better in portable air conditioners than the window A/Cs. In the case of the room A/C, you need to dispose of the expelled water and manage it all by yourself while in the case of the portable A/C the water drainage system is carried out with the help of the hoses that should not be maintained manually. The system of evaporation also helps maintain the moisture in a better way in portable air conditioners. In the case of portable A/C, you are more comfortable because you do not do it manually in the harsh temperature.

Depending on the type of model, the portable A/C’s are available in the form of one way or two-way exhaust system. You can choose according to your preference. The warm air needs to be circulated taken from outside or inside. As for room A/C’s, they are designed to pull from outside.

The Type Of Hoses In Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners are available in two types of hoses which you can choose according to your preference. There can be a single hose system as well as the double hose system.

The back part of the air conditioner contains a filter which is meant for passing the air that has to enter the air conditioner from surroundings. This is the system of the single-hose unit. The entered air is warm and is cooled by the system that is designed typically for that purpose after which the air expels out. The heated air passes through the hose to be expelled outside. It is expelled out of the room to not let it heat up.

As for the purity of air, the air that is present inside, or more precisely, the one that has been a part of circulation through the A/C is likely to get more pollutants than the air present outside. In this type of situation when you want to keep the air clean, you need to go for the two-way exhaust system or the dual-hose system.

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